How does a tonneau cover differ from other truck bed covers?

1. Soft tonneau cover

The product material is UV-resistant PVC leather + 6063 aluminum alloy + reinforced nylon. Made of PVC leather, it has good corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, no deformation and long service life. The product is light, flexible to open, reliable to lock, and easy to install. Beautiful appearance, good fit between the cover and the car body, and rainproof.

Price range: USD70-USD90

Advantages: the lowest price,easy installation,rain and sun protection, protect the carriage.

Disadvantages: poor waterproof, poor load-bearing capacity, not anti-theft.

2. Tri-fold bed tonneau cover

The three-fold bed is made of honeycomb aluminum plate, and the aluminum honeycomb plate is a honeycomb intermediate layer filled with two surface aluminum plates and an aluminum honeycomb core to ensure that the two surface plates work together. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity. The three-fold cover can avoid changing the overall shape of the pickup in appearance, and can provide basic protection, easy to disassemble, and no damage to the body.

Price range: USD150-USD250

Advantages: low price,easy to install and disassemble,rain and sun protection, protect the car.

Disadvantages: long-term use of the product may leak water, not anti-theft.

3. Full box tonneau cover:

Full stainless steel hardware, lock, striker and hinge, lined with charcoal interior headliner, OE style central locking with car’s own key fob, non-drilled easy assembly system.Smooth and easy opening/closing supported by powerful dual air locks and central locking ensures easy operation, cargo remains safe, can avoid cosmetic changes to the overall shape of the pickup, and is rain and theft proof. easy installation.

Price range: USD650-USD800

Advantages: increase storage space, rain and sun protection, anti-theft.

Disadvantages: The product is more expensive and changes the appearance of the pickup.

4. Topper Camper Canopy:

Topper Camper Canopy has been sought after by everyone since its launch. Fashionable appearance, in line with the design temperament of the vehicle. The material is glass fiber reinforced plastic and cold steel plate. You can choose between side glass or full enclosure, which is an option for many pickup truck owners. It is flush with the cab roof in height. It is also made of fiberglass and cold steel. The sliding window can be customized, which is more convenient.

Price range: USD800-USD1000

Advantages: rain and sun protection, anti-theft security, large storage space

Disadvantage: high product price

5. Retractable tonneau cover

Made of aluminum alloy, it is manually opened. It can be opened and retracted by pushing and pulling. When it is opened, it takes up about 20cm of space at the front of the carriage, which greatly ensures the use space of the rear bucket of the carriage. When closed, it is flush with the cabin, showing no modification marks on the exterior, preventing theft and enhancing the practicability of the pickup’s cargo bed without changing the appearance of the pickup.

In addition to retaining the pickup shape, it can also be used with a modified version of the gantry. Easy to disassemble, no damage to the body, it is the first choice of many pickup truck owners!

Type: Manual, Password, Electric

Price range: USD300-USD620

Advantages: thickened aluminum alloy, rainproof and dustproof, anti-theft, medium price.

Disadvantages: No disadvantages.

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