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best towing winch shackles – [Top Picks]

AUTMATCH Shackles 3/4" D Ring Shackle (2 Pack) 41,887Ibs Break Strength with 7/8" Screw Pin and Shackle Isolator & Washers Kit for Tow Strap Winch Off Road Vehicle Recovery Red
  • Super Quality: 3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle Was Made of Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel and The Towing Capacity Up To 4.75 Tons (10,471 Pounds) For Superior Strength and An Industry-Standard 7/8 Inches Screw Pin To Keep It Stability
  • Fitted Suite: The Durable Rubber Shackle Isolators Work As Added Bumper Protection and Reduce The Rattling Noise When Mounted On The Vehicle. The Rubber Washers Prevent Rattles Result From The Friction Between Shackle And Anchor Point
  • Double Protection: D Shackle for Prevent Rust and Corrosion By Galvanized & Powder Coated and Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Feature: Bow Shackle Design and Great For ATV, UTV, Trucks, Trailers, and Sport-Utility Vehicles and For Use With Recovery Tow Snatch Straps, Snatch Blocks, Tree Savers Etc
  • Guaranteed: All of Our Products Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Please Contact Us For Any Inquiry, We Are Here To Help
LIBERRWAY Shackles 3/4" (2 Pack) D Ring Shackle Rugged Off Road Shackles 28.5 Ton (57,000 lbs) Maximum Break Strength with 7/8'' Pin Heavy Duty D Ring for Vehicle Recovery, Orange
  • ★ NOTE: 3/4" DIAMETER SHACKLE - With an Industry Standard 7/8" Screw Pin!
  • ★ 28.5 TON BREAK STRENGTH - This Bowl Shackle is Certified 9,500 Lbs of Towing & Recovery Capacity in the Palm of Your Hand!
  • ★ DOUBLE PROTECTION - LIBERRWAY D Ring Shackle is Galvanized and Powder Coated, Resulting In Incredible Strength and Quality!
  • ★ FIT WELL - D Shackle works perfectly with all our tow straps, snatch straps, tree savers and snatch blocks
  • ★ LIFETIME WARRANTY - 100% satisfaction guarantee, love them or get your money back!
BNEEN Soft Shackle,1/2" X 24 Inch Soft Shackle Recovery 56,000 LBS Breaking Strength with Extra Sleeves for Sailing SUV Off Road Towing ATV Recovery (2-Pack Orange Soft Shackle)
  • ★Durable & Safer:Soft shackles are made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE) with 43,000 lbs breaking strength. Exact premium PVC edge paint enhances the resistance, more durable and safer than traditional steel shackles
  • ★Ease of Use:Designed with one-piece 1/2" synthetic rope, synthetic soft shackle rope has ultimate strength and flexibility, handling every difficult pulling points and pulling your vehicle out of ditch, mud, snow without scratching paint or damaging finish
  • ★Protective Design: shackles for trucks have an extra protective sleeve that protects the rope from wear and tear, while heat shrink increases the stability of the knot
  • ★Convenient : It is easy to store in your truck cab, doesn’t damage surrounding kit, doesn’t rust and can be used for in far more situations that a traditional steel shackle
  • ★Fit Well : Synthetic Soft Shackles works perfectly with Tow straps, Off-Road Recovery, outdoor adventurer with ATV, trucks, Marine, Farming, Industrial, Mining
Ucreative Synthetic Soft Shackle 1/2 Inch x 22 Inch (55,000lbs Max Breaking Strength) with Extra Sleeves 2-Pack (Gray)
  • Material: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Great replacement for steel shackles.
  • Rope diameter: 1/2"(1.1cm). Rope length: 22"(56cm). Loop inner width: 7"(17.8cm). Rope with sleeve diameter: 1.2"(3cm).
  • Max breaking strength: 55,000Lbs.
  • Great performance for boating, camping, personal watercraft, Climbing, ATV& SUV off-road vehicle.
  • Manufactured with high quality Belgian glue. It will not smell bad as the others.
Rhino USA Synthetic Soft Shackle Rope - 44,050lb Guaranteed Max Break Strength Recovery Offroad Tow Shackles for UTV, ATV, Trucks, 4x4 - Use with Rhino Tow Strap (7/16" 2-Pack Gray.)
  • AMERICAN OWNED, FAMILY OPERATED - Join the Rhino Family & Support a USA based Father/Son Business!
  • THE ULTIMATE SOFT SHACKLE - Lab Tested in the USA at an Unbeatable 44,050lb Break Strength
  • SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY - Constructed From Heavy Duty Synthetic Fiber for Extended Durability
  • CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - Knowing you Have top Quality Equipment to get you out of any Situation!
Ucreative 3/4" D Ring Shackle Rugged Off Road 28.5 Ton (57,000 lbs) Maximum Break Strength with 7/8'' Pin Heavy Duty for Jeep Vehicle Recovery 2-Pack
  • Package include: 2x Shackles
  • Color: black
  • Shackle diameter :3/4". Screw pin diameter : 7/8"
  • Ucreative D ring shackle is galvanized and powder coated. Incredible Strength and Quality
  • Working load limit: 9,500 lbs. Break strength: 57,000 lbs.
Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch with Hitch Pin, 41918 Lbs Break Strength Never Rust Receiver Shackle Bracket Heavy Duty and Solid with 3/4'' D Ring Shackle, Towing Accessories for Trucks (Orange)
  • ★ PERFECT FITS 2" HITCH RECEIVERS - Lab Test at 41918lbs Max Breaking Strength - Over double the weight of standard truck
  • ★ NEVER RUST - Double protection, Electro-galvanized and Powder coated, safty locked with LIBERRWAY Shackle hitch receiver, don't risk your life to connect you tow strap to 2'' ball.
  • ★ DUAL HITCH PIN HOLES - Give you the flexibility to connect the shackle horizontally or vertically, can be connect your tow strap for Vehicle Recovery.
  • ★ HEAVY DUTY AND SOLID - Bracket comes with 5/8 hitch pin, 3/4 shackle and red shackle cover, silicone washers also included, which can reduce noise.
  • ★ LIFETIME WARRANTY - 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Ohuhu D Ring Shackles 3/4" 2 Pack, D Shackle Rugged 28.5 Ton (57,000 lbs) Maximum Break Strength, 4.75 Ton (9,500 Lbs) Capacity
  • Universal Fit: Fits most off-road vehicles with D-ring mounts (front/rear bumper) such as 4WD, SUV, Trucks, ATV, and UTV.
  • Heavy-Duty Design: Forged steel design with a 4.75-ton (9500 lbs.) towing and recovery capacity.
  • Pin & Shackles Included: Equipped with a 3/4 inch D-ring shackles with industry grade 7/8 -inch pin ideal for winching, rigging and recovery.
  • Durable Finish: Smooth powder coated finish for a soft sleek surface as well as rust prevention.
  • Safe Attachment: Designed to allow for safe attachment points for straps compared to wrapping around the ball on the hitch, works well with tow straps, snatch straps, tree savers and snatch blocks.
GearAmerica Aluminum Alloy Ultra Shackles – 30,000 lbs MBS, 10,000 lbs WLL – Safely Connect a Tow Strap, Rope or Winch Line for Off-Road Recovery – No Rust Alternative to ¾” D-Rings – 2-Pack, Red
  • THE SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO HOOKS!– Hooks are notorious for failing during recovery operations and causing damage to your 4x4, injury, or even death. A bow shackle on the other hand is a closed loop system offering a Quick and Secure Connection for your Recovery Rope, Tree Saver Strap, or Snatch Block without the added risk
  • ULTRA STRONG AND ULTRA LIGHT: With a 15 Ton Minimum Breaking Strength and 5 Ton Working Load Limit, these Ultra Shackles are as strong as a ¾” steel D-Ring with only half of the weight
  • NO MORE RUST STAINS EVER! – You’ll no longer have to worry about rust compromising the integrity of your Shackles or staining your new bumper. Precision made entirely from an ultra strong aluminum alloy, our ULTRA Shackles will Outlast any other on the market
  • THE LAST RECOVERY GEAR YOU WILL EVER NEED! - Why settle for average when you can experience the legendary GearAmerica quality backed by our unprecedented Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement Warranty.
  • If You Love the Open Road, Join Us: Our mission is to advocate and live a lifestyle of freedom, with respect for nature & machinery, that’s why off-roading is our perfect fit; that’s why our recovery gear is the last you’ll ever need
SCHTUMPA Soft Shackle Synthetic Road Recovery Rope 1/2' X 22 Inch (55000LBS) Breaking Strength for Sailing SUV ATV 4X4 Truck Jeep 2 Pack -Safer Than Metal Shackle (Orange)
  • 𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝕄𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕝 —— Soft Shackle made with UHMWPE and Weaved to a total thickness of 1/2'. Our product can reach a breaking power of Amazingly 55000LBS. This product is strong enough to handle any SUV, TRUCK or ATV recovery mission.
  • 𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝔽𝕣𝕖𝕖——Use the infinite knot design to easily take off and put on the shackle. Pulling only tighten the knot.What's more ,They will never get deformed like metal shackles , which will make you have no choice but cut it open, with Cutting Torch!
  • 𝕃𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥=𝕊𝕒𝕗𝕖—— Weights only 7 ounces for each shackle compared to bulky old metal shackles. These lightweight sythetic soft shackles will do no damage to car or people if the towing rope accidently breaks and throws shackles to car. That's why soft shackles are becoming this popular.
  • ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕊𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕧𝕖 - No heat Shrink tube is used on this soft shackle to prevent damage to the fiber. We only use heavy duty Non-Sewing synthetic sleeve to protect product from UV, rock abrasion and heating for long off road trip
  • 𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕄𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖——A Must have for cars. No matter you drives off-road or taking adventure in wild places with your ATV, or you just wanna get ready for long snowy winter. You will need this light-weight and heavy duty shackle to get prepared for "what if"
FieryRed 3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle 22046Ibs Break Strength with 7/8 Inch Locking Pin and Black Isolator Washer Kits to Use With Tow Strap, Pack of 2
  • A complete set of designs without the need for additional accessories
  • Fits Standard 0.75" D-Rings or Shackles
  • Easy to install and they work perfectly. By far the easiest DIY use of bumper
  • Designed to prevent recovery shackles from rattling against anchor points
  • Limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed
MZS Winch Shackle, Flat Towing Hook Mount with Iron Pin & Rubber Guard - 30,000 LB Capacity Universal Fit for ATV UTV SUV Pickup Trucks
  • MZS Winch Shackle is made of high quality billet 6061 aluminum with coating. NO rust, NO corrosion.
  • Total 4pcs rubber guard on both side, prevent your vehicle from wearing, more protective.
  • Fits common 3/4" shackles, compatible with steel cables and synthetic ropes to 3/8" diameters.
  • Maximum load rating up to 30,000 LB, providing strong power to handle any towing or recovery job.
  • Each product will be tested before factory, universal fit for ATV,UTV,SUV,Pickup,Trucks etc.
AUTOBOTS Tow Hitch Receiver 2", 45,000 Lbs Break Strength Heavy Duty Receiver with 5/8" Screw Pin, 3/4 Shackle, Towing Accessories for Vehicle Recovery Off-Road Purple&Black
  • 🔧 2" Hitch Receivers with 3/4 D-ring Shackle: The Tow Hitch Receiver is made of carbon steel with a rated working load of 11,000 lbs and a breakpoint of 45,000 lbs. Black silicone isolators to prevent scratching when mounted. This shackle hitch receiver accessory is suitable for all towing applications.
  • 🔧 Heavy Duty and Solid: Our Hitch Receiver is anticorrosive with electro-galvanized steel for added durability. The black powder coating provides durable and strong protection against the hardest of conditions.
  • 🔧 Easy to Use: Featuring 5/8" screw pin, 3/4 shackle isolator and washer to make it more stability. Dual hitch pin hole design allows the D-Ring to swing horizontally or vertically for easy to use.
  • 🔧 Widely Application: The towing hitch fits all standard 2" tow receivers, turning your truck, SUV or any other vehicle into a towing machine built to resist any kind of harsh conditions. The rugged powder-coated finish provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • 🔧 Multiple Choices of Colors: 12 bright colors of the hitch receiver are offered for your vehicles. Available multicolors include Red-Black, White-Black, Blue-Black, Sky blue-Black, All-Black, Green-Black, Orange-Black, Gray-Black, Red-Red, Blue-Blue, White-White, Gray-Gray.
Smittybilt A.W.S Aluminum Winch Shackle (Black) - 2820
  • Provides a safer and stronger point than standard winch hooks
  • Precision machined from lightweight billet aircraft grade aluminum
  • Fits synthetic ropes and wire cables up to 1/2" in diameter
  • Max load rating of 24,000 lbs
  • Rugged, durable long lasting finish
Ucreative Synthetic Soft Shackle 7/16 Inch x 20 Inch (43,000lbs Breaking Strength) Rope Shackle with Extra Sleeves for Sailing SUV ATV Truck Jeep Off Road Recovery (Orange, 1-Pack)
  • Material: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Great replacement for steel shackles.
  • Rope diameter: 7/16"(1cm). Rope length: 20"(51cm). Loop inner width: 5.5"(14cm). Rope with sleeve diameter: 1.2"(3cm).
  • Breaking strength: 43,000Lbs.
  • Great performance for boating, camping, personal watercraft, Climbing, ATV& SUV off-road vehicle.
  • Manufactured with high quality Belgian glue. It will not smell bad as the others.
AUTOBOTS D Ring Shackles Heavy Duty(2 Pack) 68,000 lbs Capacity, Stronger Than 3/4" D Shackle, with 7/8" Screw Pin, for Tow Strap Winch Off Road Accessory Vehicle Recovery Blue
  • 【New Edition】-Unique design and new appearance make the product more attractive. Massive 68,000 LBS Break Capacity (17,000 LBS WLL) will handle any Towing or Recovery job. For superior strength & an Industry-standard 7/8 inches screw pin to keep it stability.
  • 【Towing Shackle Kits】-Our bow recovery shackle comes with 2 isolators and 4 washer kits, added bumper protection and reduce the rattling noise when mounted on the vehicle. The rubber washers prevent rattles result from the friction between shackle and anchor point.
  • 【Dual-Protective Shackle Sets】-Pack of 2 shackles inside the package. The heavy-duty shackles, electro-galvanized and powder anti-rust coated, stay strong and durable, and effectively serves for a long time.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】-Universal design and great for ATV, UTV, Trucks, Trailers, and Sport-Utility Vehicles. And for use with recovery tow snatch straps, snatch blocks, tree savers etc.
  • 【Satisfactory Service】-All of our products have 100% satisfaction after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide 24 hours of service. No matter if you are driving a UTV, a 4X4, or an ATV, the tow shackles is an absolute must have.
GearAmerica Synthetic Soft Shackles 1/2” Orange – Made in The USA – 45,000 lbs (22.5 US Tons) Strength – for Off-Road Recovery, Towing & More – Stronger Than Steel D Rings – Bag Included
  • SAFER AND STRONGER THAN STEEL! Single piece construction made from Honeywell’s ultra high performance Spectra fibers (UHMWPE) that are stronger than steel. A Soft Shackle is also Extremely Safe as it will not become a deadly projectile if your Recovery Rope or Winch Line breaks.
  • EASY TO CONNECT AND DISCONNECT! A simple yet highly effective Self Tightening Loop Design, that becomes stronger as more tension is applied, ensures that the knot will not slip off during use. And did we mention there are no pins to fasten? It forms an 8” long loop that’s Flexible enough to wrap around the most difficult to reach anchor points on your truck or 4x4 - a perfect closed-loop connection for your Tow Strap or Kinetic Rope.
  • NO MORE FUMBLING IN THE MUD FOR LOST SHACKLES! A GearAmerica Soft Shackle is so light that It Floats in the water. High Visibility orange color means that you can easily find it, even in low light conditions, unlike a rust-prone steel d ring that can get lost in the mud.
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT and VERSATILE! Easy to stow away in the included carrying bag, it takes minimum space in your recovery kit with virtually no added weight, so it’s also easy on your back and unlike a steel shackle - it will never rust. Soft Shackles have been successfully used for decades in many industries like mining, agriculture, marine, etc. and have proven superior to their steel counterparts.
  • MADE IN THE USA QUALITY! 100% Made in The USA using locally sourced materials, our rugged Soft Shackles are built to last. A special vinyl urethane coating and heavy duty protective sleeves provide maximum abrasion resistance and ensure the longest lifespan.
jamgoer 2 Pcs D Ring Shackle 5/8" Off Road Shackles Break Strength 7165lbs (3.25Ton) Heavy Duty Rugged D-Ring with Clevis Pin for Vehicle Recovery Marine Automotive RV Car Truck (Medium)
  • →[High-strength]:5/8 inches D-ring shackle with Diameter 13/16 inches Clevis Pin make it more stability.Our preduct is made of forged steel.Its towing and recovering capacity is up to 3.25 tons (7165lbs), The maximum breaking strength is 13 Tonand, and can be used with various facilities and vehicles.
  • →[Quality]:This shackle iselectro-galvanized and powder anti-rust coated,maintaining its strength and durability, also protecting it from rust and corrosion,and prolong product service life. Perfectly fits any bad weathers.
  • →[Durability]: Jamgoer shackle meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME B30.26 which include identification, durability, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements.
  • →[Includes]: 2 Shackles, and each shackle is equipped with 1 Clevis Pin.You can easy installation and removal.
  • →[Widely applicable]:This product is perfect compatible for all off-road jeeps, trucks.It works perfectly with all our tow straps, receiver hooks, tree savers and snatch blocks.
PQY Aluminum Winch Hook Prolink XTV Shackle/D-Ring Mount Universal Fit for UTV ATV Winch Lines Red
  • ✿The winch hook shackle is made from lightweight aluminum,sand blasting finish,looks decent.with iron pin and rubber guard, rugged and durable long lasting.
  • ✿The winch shackle is Compatible with Jeep Wrangler ATV UTV SUV etc.For 3/4 inch d-ring and 3/8 inch winch lines.Maximum load rating of 22000 lbs.
  • ✿This winch hook shackle holder replaces the traditional winch hook in a stronger and safer way.Come with d-ring can be used with winch bracket and requires
  • ✿INSTALLATION STEPS:1.Prepare a small inner circlip pliers.2.Use small internal circlip pliers to remove the circlip.3.Take out the pin and put the rope ring on the shackle mount bolt, align rope loop, shsckle eyelet,and shack mount hole.4.Thread shackle pin through rope loop, shackleeyelet, and shackle mount hole.5.Secure shackle as per normal operation.
  • ✿PQY CUSTOMER SERVICE:If you have any problem ,please contact us and we will respond you on 24 hours except weekends and holidays.
BBG4x4 10T D-Ring Mega Shackle with Anti Theft Lock (2PK) | 7/8" PIN + Rubber Washers | 80,000 lbs (40T) Breaking Strength | Towing D-Ring| Green Color
  • HIGH QUALITY SHACKLES – BBG4x4 ANTI-THEFT SHACKLES are made of steel and unlike any other towing accessories. With our proprietary design these D-Ring Shackles compliment any vehicle without the risk of theft. Other accessories like tow hooks are unreliable, so it’s no surprise that they fail most of the time.
  • EROSION RESISTANCE – Professionally powder coated that ensures 100% acid and CORROSION RESISTANT PERFORMANCE. Our shackles offer excellent protection from rust caused by bad weather or long-term use to make your outdoor experience like no other.
  • VERSATILE FOR USE - No need to worry about the tow strap coming off because our D Rings can be installed and uninstalled within seconds! It will not get stolen or accidentally fall off due to driving, offering PREMIUM RECOVERY in style!
  • STRONG AND DURABLE SHACKLE - Finding yourself stuck in a ditch or snowbank can be such a bad experience, but not with these D ring shackles, featuring 80,000 LBS BREAK CAPACITY with 20,000 LBS WORKING LOAD LIMIT and can be used with various facilities and vehicles.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Unlike many other D-Ring Shackles in the market that won’t fit and can’t be securely connected to a recovery rope, tree saver strap or snatch block, these shackles with 3/4" SHACKLE DIAMETER and 7/8" DIAMETER PIN will provide you with years of reliable service out on the trail, so you’ll finally have your peace of mind.
AUTOBOTS Bow Shackles 3/4" D Ring Shackle (2 Pack), 48,000Ib Break Strength with 7/8" Pin, 2 Isolator and 4 Washers Kit for Offroad Jeep Vehicle Truck Recovery Green
  • 【SOLID & HEAVY DUTY】- AUTOBOTS 3/4 Inch D Rings Shackle with 7/8 Screw Pin and Isolator Washer Kits to Make It More Stability. Our Shackles is Made of High-quality Forged Steel. Its Towing and Recovering Capacity is Up to 4.75 Tons ,Its Break Strength Reaches Up to 48,000lb
  • 【MATCHING KITS】- Our 3/4 Shackle is Equipped with 2 Isolators and 4 Washer Kits, Which Act As an Additional Bumper to Reduce Friction Between Shackle and Anchor Point and Clicks when Installing on the Vehicle
  • 【DOUBLE PROTECTION】-it is Electro-galvanized and Powder Anti-rust Coated, Which Makes the Clevis Shackle More Strong and Durable and Can Effectively Prevent D Rings Rust and Prolong Product Service Life
  • 【PERFECT OFFROAD ACCESSORIES】- Our Shackle is Perfect for Most Off-road Vehicles, Jeeps, Trucks, Perfectly Matched with Winches, Tow Straps, Tree Storage and Snatch Blocks, Hitch Receiver, Tow Hooks
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】- We Provide the Best D Shackle,Wonderful Packaging, Cushioned Box,Fast shipping and Best Services, Any Dissatisfaction, Please Feel Free to Contact Us

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