Aluminum Vs Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Aluminum Vs Fiberglass Tonneau Covers; which one is suitable

Worrying about the security of the things you kept on the truck bed? Then you should go for tonneau covers, which will provide protection to your goods.

Now we need to find you a good tonneau cover. Various types of tonneau cover are available in the market, such as vinyl, Aluminum, fiberglass, molded ABS plastic, etc. We will see a battle between Aluminum vs. fiberglass tonneau cover and find out which one is more suitable. We will try our best to tell everything you need to know for getting a tonneau cover, and it will come in handy to select the right product.

Comparison table

Comparison aboutAluminum Tonneau CoverFiberglass Tonneau Cover
Weight15- 50 lbs80-110 lbs
ColorNot customizablecustomizable
Lock typeTailgateNo tailgate
Space efficiencyHighlow

Aluminum Tonneau cover

As we know, distinct types of materials are used in the tonneau cover industry. Aluminum is widely used because of its availability and accessible molding properties. We will inform some advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum tonneau cover.


  • Lightweight and strong
  • It can be used in various design
  • UV protected


  • It can be dented easily

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

Several numbers of fiberglass sheets are laminated to form a tonneau cover. Fiberglass is getting popular day by day. We will discuss some good sides and drawbacks of the fiber glass tonneau cover.


  • More durable
  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Color can be customized


  • it can’t be used for tall cargoes
Aluminum Vs Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Comparisons between Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Both Aluminum and fiberglass are reliable as tonneau cover material. They may be good or bad. This varies with the customer’s perspective. We will try to compare these materials in many ways like performance, compatibility, price and maintenance, and other aspects.


If we think about the performances of the two chosen materials, they will get chances to prove their relevance. They are good in their own ways. It can be used for all  of the pickup trucks and comes with various designs for aluminum covers. But in fiberglass, we cannot use it for tall cargoes and can’t be closed by the tailgate. But if we think about hard and more durable objects and track smaller cargo, you can go for fiberglass.


As for fiberglass, it is way better in adverse conditions and harsh environments. It doesn’t care about hot or cold; it can go all way long. Aluminum is good to conduct of temperature, so it is getting hotter. This is a problem for carrying objects. Fiberglass is harder than Aluminum.


Price is a limiting factor for choosing the product. Fiberglass is an expensive choice because the manufacturer produces fiberglass sheets before manufacturing the final product. And aluminum covers are easy to produce.


Maintaining products helps to increase the product’s durability. Fiberglass is easy to maintain because it is hard and basically non-reactive to other environmental hazards. On the other hand, Aluminum is less durable and also has low scratch resistance, and gets dent easily. So you need to be cautious about avoiding complex objects that could dent the cover.

Installation & Security

There are some other things like security and the installation process. As we know, the aluminum cover has a tailgate close, it is more secure than fiberglass, and the installation is also easier.

Some Product Suggestions

It is a hard job to find the right products. There are many products available on the market, among thoseyou need to find the right one. It might seem like a hard task, like finding a needle in a stack. We will try to guide you through the right path and suggest to you some of our well-researched products. Previously we discussed fiberglass and Aluminum tonneau cover; you already know which one is reliable for your daily uses.

Aluminum Tonneau Cover

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

Final Verdict

A tonneau cover provides some good features like security, gas efficiency, and other things. In this article, we tried to tell you everything that you need to know. It is time to take the decision which one is good between Aluminum vs. fiberglass Tonneau cover. The call is up to you, which one will you pick.


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