Best Tonneau Cover For 2015-2020 Ford F150

Best Tonneau Cover For 2015-2020 Ford F150

Tonneau Covers, as we can all agree, are attractive. They provide a nice touch to your truck’s look by concealing the unclean bed, which is usually apparent. However, the advantages of a tonneau cover go well beyond its visual appeal. Furthermore, if you own a Ford F150 and want to protect your cargo and enhance aerodynamics by covering the rear of your truck, you’ve come to the correct spot. So, fasten your seatbelts and allow me to tell you all you need to know before purchasing the best tonneau cover for 2015-2020 Ford F150.

Types Of Tonneau Covers

The first step of selecting the right tonneau cover is understanding the type that suits you best. Tonneau covers come in a variety of materials and prices, and likewise, the more durable and attractive the cover, the higher the price tag. The most popular type of truck bed covers F150 offers are:

  • Soft Tonneau Covers
  • Soft Folding Tonneau Covers
  • Hard Folding Tonneau Covers
  • Retractable Tonneau Covers
  • High Impact Plastic Tonneau Covers

Reviewing Your Purchase Options

You will never be short of alternatives when purchasing accessories if you own one of the most popular pick-up trucks. So, without any further ado, let us check out the most popular tonneau covers for Ford F150:

Best Tonneau Cover For 2015-2020 Ford F150


  • Type: Soft Tri-Fold
  • Material: Dual-Coated Vinyl
  • Exterior: Vinyl
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Security: Quick Release Clamps

Starting off with one of the more affordable and retro covers, the Tyger tri fold tonneau cover f150 comes with a vinyl body and aircraft-grade aluminum framework. If you are in the market for 2016 Ford F150 bed covers, these are some of the most stylish and readily available for the earlier truck models.

Due to its excellent aerodynamics, this dual-coated vinyl cover promised to save around 12% on fuel. Its quick folding mechanism makes loading and unloading very convenient.

You can easily install it yourself because it comes fully assembled and requires no further tools or screws than those given by the manufacturer. However, if your car has an over-the-bedrail bed liner, small holes will need to be made in the bed liner to hold the clamps for appropriate cover installation; the cover will function with an under-the-bedrail bed liner without modification.

Being a softcover, its biggest issue is the durability, but if you are carrying light cargo and with the main focus of improving the fuel economy, the Tyger Auto T3 is one of the greatest Tyger Tonneau cover Ford F150 has to offer.


  • Type: Hard Tri-Fold
  • Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
  • Exterior: Textured
  • Weight: 70 pounds

If you’re in the market for hard folding covers, BAKFlip F150 bed covers are one major candidate. The F1comes with fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) and is a go-to choice if you carry water-sensitive cargo.

Other than being durable, the cover is known for its water resistance. A tonneau cover-integrated water drainage system directs liquids away from the F1 and into drainage tubes that leave through your bed, keeping your cargo secure and dry.

This cover is specifically designed to give easy access to loading large cargo. You can easily fold the F1 up against your cab and secure the support struts. Furthermore, this cover model saves you from installation hassle as it requires no drilling and can be installed with a wrench and socket.

To summarize, if you want a stylish cover with water resistance and the extra durability of a hard shell, the BAKFlip F1 is an excellent hard folding Tonneau cover F150 has to offer.


  • Type: Soft Tri-Fold
  • Material: Leather-Grained Fabric
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Security: Tailgate Clamps
  • Warranty: Lifetime

The company Extang is here to bring you one of the simplest soft cover tonneaus in the market. The Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding is the best Extang tonneau cover Ford F150 has to offer. Being one of the simplest and inexpensive alternatives in the market, this particular cover has gained immense popularity throughout North America.

With Trifecta, you will have full convenience while loading and unloading your cargo as the whole cover can be attached and detached within minutes. The cover consists of two EZ-Lock clamps located on either side of the tailgate to keep it locked. Furthermore, the cover comes preassembled, and you will have no issues regarding installing it as well.

The Trifecta, unlike most other soft folding covers, is made of leather grain fabric and vinyl to make it light and water resistant. Even though soft coverings aren’t the most durable, the Trifecta is recognized as a long-lasting alternative reportedly made of marine-grade materials and should definitely be considered.


  • Type: Roll-Up
  • Material: Aluminum Panels
  • Exterior: Textured
  • Weight: 51.9 pounds
  • Security: Tailgate Lock
  • Warranty: 3-years

If you want the flexibility of a soft tri-fold cover along with the durability of a hard tonneau cover, then Gator brings you just that. This cover consists of heavy-duty aluminum panels engineered into a modern flush design, providing great durability and protecting your cargo from any external factors.

This is the cover for you if you need something that will endure any weather. This cover’s all-weather protection features include a built-in water management system consisting of rubber seals and inner drain tubes that can handle rain, dust, and snow. At the same time, its tri-folding feature will give you more convenience while hauling large loads.

The installation process for the cover is quick and simple. The cover comes completely assembled and has a clamp on rail system to gain you easy installation within minutes, without the use of any special tool. Hence, with great aesthetics and superior built quality, the Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold is one the greatest tri-fold tonneau for F150 that you can rely on.


  • Type: Soft Roll-Up
  • Material: Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Weight: 24.8 pounds
  • Security: Tailgate Lock

A roll-up tonneau cover will give you more flexibility while loading large cargo than any typical tri-fold cover. Leer ROLLITUP is a soft roll-up 2020 Ford F150 bed cover but is compatible with all models within 2015-2020. Even though it consists of marine-grade vinyl like most other soft tonneau covers, the Rollitup is made of 24-ounce tear-resistant heavy-duty material to give you better durability.

As I said before, the main feature for considering a roll-up cover is its extra bed access. The Leer Rollitup promises you 100% bed access, which means it can be completely folded at will without removing the tonneau. And above that, to completely cover your truck back, you need to roll it back on. The cover has strips on the side and a latch lock system at the tailgate to give you a complete secure seal.

Rollitup comes with an easy installation feature that requires no special tools. And although it comes with water drains and the cover itself is water resistant, this is not the most weatherproof, especially for heavy rain or snow. However, if you just want a stylish roll-up bed cover with decent durability, then Leer Rollitup will not disappoint you.


  • Type: Retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Exterior: Textured
  • Security: Key Lock

This style of the tonneau cover, as the name implies, retracts within itself and towards the back of the vehicle. If your cargo load varies in shape and size, then using this cover allows you to adjust the position of the exposed back cover at will. Among these types, Syneticusa Aluminium Retractable is one of the superior hard folding tonneau covers F150 provides.

The Syneticusa Aluminum comes with a safe key-lock mechanism that allows you to change the cover length and lock it in any position. As a result, you may load a cargo of any form or size onto your vehicle as long as it fits. Furthermore, unlike a normal folding cover, the rear glass is not blocked even when the cover is entirely open. This tonneau cover is made of heavy-duty metal slats that are both water and dust-resistant.

This cover needs some work to install, including drilling holes for drain tubes. However, all of the necessary gear is supplied, and it will take you less than 30 minutes to complete. If you’re searching for a tough, long-lasting alternative to roll-up covers, the Syneticusa Aluminum is a wonderful option.


  • Type: Retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Exterior: Vinyl
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Security: Patented Locking
  • Warranty: 3-years

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly retractable option, then the M-Series is the most compatible Roll N Lock tonneau cover F150 owners can rely upon. This particular model comes with a leather grain vinyl cover body with a 3-inch aluminum frame protecting the sides.

With the help of a unique locking mechanism, the Roll-N-Lock offers four distinct locking configurations, including three open lock positions. This provides the same level of versatility as a tri-fold tonneau cover. Unlike folding hardcovers, the retractable cover will not block your rear glass view at all.

The Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover needs quite a bit of work to install. Apart from the hex keys that come with the box, you’ll need a few other tools to do the job, even though drilling isn’t required. This cover does not include a built-in water drainage system, but it will keep water out if it is properly sealed anyway. The cover is a good combination of elegance and flexibility and is a remarkable soft retractable tonneau cover choice for Ford F150, despite its weighty installation and suboptimal protection.


  • Type: Hard Tri-Fold
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Exterior: Black Textured
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Security: Tailgate Lock

Rough Country is noted for its strong defenses. The Rough Country low-profile hard tri-fold cover is a wonderful option for Ford F150 owners looking for maximum security. The body of this tonneau cover is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a protective texture on top.

Because it’s a typical tri-fold cover, you can quickly fold it into three distinct places, giving you more flexibility and access to cargo of all sizes. Added to which the Rough Country hard tri-fold can be locked at the tailgate. The cover is also water and dust-resistant, despite the lack of a specific water drainage system. Additionally, the textured finish on top will give better scratch resistance.

Because track bell rails must also be installed, the installation can be rather time-consuming. However, if durability and protection are your top priorities, it’s a tiny price to pay. As a result, the Rough Country low-profile is a perfect hard tri-fold tonneau cover for your Ford F150, even if it just has basic water resistance.


  • Type: Hard Roll-Up
  • Material: Woven Fabric
  • Exterior: Matte Black
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Security: Latch
  • Warranty: 5-years

The Sentry CT from TruXedo has all of the wonderful features of the Sentry with the addition of a quality matte-black weaved fabric and TruXedo’s distinctive Xtra-low profile appearance.

This fabric’s inherent dirt resistance ensures that your truck stays clean for longer! This high-end fabric is pressure bonded to heavy-duty black metal slats, resulting in the utmost strength and style for this durable roll-up truck bed cover. Simply pull on either operating cable on each side of the tailgate to free the truck bed cover and start rolling.

This cover is easy to use and just takes one hand. The cover allows complete bed access without impeding rear view visibility or the third brake light when pulled up firmly at the cab. For further security, an additional security latch is positioned towards the middle of the lid, so you can be assured that your goods are safe.

You also don’t have to worry about the installation because it simply takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any special tools or drills. Although there are no specific water drains, the cover is watertight and will keep the majority of rainfall out when fully closed. Nonetheless, the Sentry Ct is the best TruXedo tonneau cover Ford F150 owners can ask for.


  • Type: Hard Tri-Fold
  • Material: Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
  • Exterior: Smooth
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Security: Dual-action Tailgate Seal
  • Warranty: 3-years

If you’re in the market for the most durable UnderCover tonneau cover Ford F150 has to offer, then the Flex hard folding is one to check out. This is a typical tri-fold hard tonneau cover that can carry large items that protrude from the bed. It allows you to drive with the cover partially or fully open, giving you full access to the bed.

With robust aluminum panels and an automated latching mechanism that secures the cover into the bed’s side rails, the Flex delivers the utmost security. The latches are simply removed with numerous pull handles on either side of the bed below the cover, allowing you to open the cover from either side of the vehicle.

The Flex is also quite practical, featuring a dual-action tailgate seal that allows you to close the tailgate without first lifting the cover.

The installation of the Flex may cost you some time but is worth every second as they come with dedicated water drainage slots to make sure your cargo is completely dry when fully closed.

Although the 90-degree open stand position will block your rear visibility, when completely close, the UnderCover Flex Hard Folding is one of the market’s most all-around secure tonneau cover.

Buying Guide for the Best Tonneau Cover for 2015- 2020 Ford F150

How do you select what’s best for you now that you’ve learned about the many types and possible alternatives?

Hard Covers or Soft Covers?

So, the first thing you should think about is the pricing point. This will help you decide whether to go with a soft or hard cover. But, other than price, what are the factors to consider when deciding between a hard and a soft cover?

Hard truck bed coverings are typically heavy-duty and built to provide extra protection. There are some that fold into the back of the vehicle.

Hard truck bed coverings are larger and more costly than soft truck bed covers. They provide superior protection for the truck and are chosen when security is the primary reason for installing a truck bed cover.

Whereas foldable or retractable soft tonneau coverings are the most common. These covers, mostly composed of vinyl, do not offer much protection to the goods being transported. They’re generally small and simple to set up. In addition to vinyl, soft coverings can be manufactured from metal frames that can fold in various directions.

Soft tonneau covers are less expensive and less difficult to install. As a result, they are increasingly popular with truck drivers. Hard truck bed coverings are larger and more costly than soft truck bed covers. They provide superior protection for the truck and are chosen when security is the primary reason for installing a truck bed cover.

Tri-Fold vs. Roll-up

Okay, so, now that you have decided on whether to get a hard or soft case, do you require a tri-fold or a roll-up cover?

If you want a tonneau cover that is very quick to fold and unfold but is not concerned about the amount of space it takes up because you only use your bed sometimes, the tri-fold is definitely the best option for you! Because they are rigid and long-lasting.

That being said, if you want to use your truck bed to its maximum potential and are not really concerned about the extra time it takes to roll up a tonneau cover, the roll-up version will be your best option.

Another important fact that I must mention is that a tri-fold cover will most certainly block your rear view when partially opened, whereas the roll-up will not at all.

Similar to roll-up, you can always opt for retractable covers, which have almost the same functionality but are usually a touch more expensive.

Water resistance

Finally, you must consider the environment of your transportation location and the type of cargo you will normally carry. And so, if your goods consist of electrical appliances or are water sensitive, you should invest in the hard waterproof tonneau covers that come with integrated water drains.

Other than that, if you are transporting expensive products, you might also want to consider covers with locking tailgate mechanisms.

Choosing the correct model

Now that you are ready to buy, make sure you consider the model of your truck and the manufacturing year. For instance, for the same product, 2015 Ford F150 bed covers will have a different installation system to a much newer 2019 Ford F150 bed covers. Other than that, also take into account the length of your truck bed before purchasing.

Best Tonneau Cover For 2015-2020 Ford F150

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I’ll try to answer some of the questions that might have been bugging you at this point.

Are folding tonneau covers secure?

Tri-fold tonneau coverings provide excellent security. Most folding covers need you to first open the tailgate before you can open the cover. Because most tailgates are locked, robbers will need the key to get access to the goods.

How do you open a tri fold tonneau cover?

A tri-fold tonneau is one that can have a maximum of three folds. All you have to do is fold it one at a time according to your cargo size. On a tri-fold, the last panel flips up and must rest against your cabin and thus blocking your rearview.

Should I keep my tonneau cover on all the time?

While it’s not an absolute necessity, you might want to consider keeping the back of your truck completely sealed even when its empty. This improves the aerodynamics of the truck and gives you a better fuel economy.

Is installing tonneau covers difficult?

While it is subjective in relative to the cover you buy, tonneau covers are not the most difficult things to install, especially for newer models like 2020 Ford F150 bed cover are much easier than previous generations.

How long do tonneau covers last?

Generally, hard covers are longer lasting than soft covers. You will find most manufacturers providing around three years of warranty for any tonneau cover.

Final Thoughts

Even though it is very subject to your budget but on a personal basis, I feel a retractable hard tonneau cover is the best tonneau cover for 2015-2020 Ford F150 since it provides both versatility and durability while not blocking any rear visibility.

But no matter what, tonneau covers are a great investment as they will most definitely save you gas money by increasing your truck’s fuel efficiency. So, good luck on finding the best tonneau cover for you and safe driving!

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