Lomax tonneau cover vs bakflip

Lomax tonneau cover vs bakflip: Which is Better?

I’m sure you have seen a ton of different truck bed covers on the market, and I bet you are wondering which is best for your needs. Well, there are many factors to consider. We will be discussing two popular brands: Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Truck Bed Extenders.

For the most part, Bakflip and Lomax are made for two different types of owners. Lomax is a good option if you do not like having to remove your cover every time you use your truck bed. It is as simple as pulling out the rails that make up the cover and rolling it back.

If you are the type of person that is always using your truck bed, then Bakflip would be a better option for you.

Lomax Tonneau Covers

The Lomax tonneau cover’s design is intended for a specific type of truck that has an OEM bed liner. It also has a two-piece design that covers the front and rear sections of the bed. The aluminum cover attaches to the bed’s hinge system and also has a locking mechanism. Because of the two-panel design and compatibility with OEM bed liners, it provides good coverage for cargo.


  1. 100% aluminum construction
  2. Aluminum lift struts (2 at each end)
  3. Polyester 18 oz marine grade vinyl-coated fabric (6 colors to choose from)
  4. Lockable in three positions
  5. No assembly is required
  6. Fold-up or down in seconds without tools
  7. Struts hold the cover open when rolled up for ease of access to the truck bed
  8. Elasticized bottom hem for custom-fitted appearance and an excellent seal against water and dust intrusion
  9. Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects on all models including rubber straps and locks.

Bakflip Truck Bed Extenders

The Bakflip Tonneau Cover is designed for many types of trucks which include those who don’t have an OEM bed liner and those with a three-piece design, similar to Lomax. This might make it more expensive but it has additional features of dust and dirt protection, truck bed mat and it also protects against the elements while providing shade. This is a good choice for those who have an aftermarket sport-style bed cover already installed.


  1. Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame construction
  2. Soft fabric panels
  3. The one-piece installation process takes about 15 minutes without drilling or damage to the vehicle
  4. Four locking positions to choose from
  5. Water resistance
  6. Includes a squeegee/scraper for cleaning the cover and rails
  7. Quick-release clamps to make opening and closing a breeze

Pros and Cons of each product.

Lomax Tonneau Cover Pros: This product has a two-piece design that provides good coverage for cargo. The aluminum cover attaches firmly to the bed’s hinge system and also has a locking mechanism.

Cons: It is intended only for trucks with an OEM bed liner installed in the truck bed. For other types of trucks, adapter bars are required but they don’t attach to the hinges, which could lead to instability when driving.

Bakflip Truck Bed Extenders Pros: This tonneau cover comes with various features including dust and dirt protection, truck mat and it protects against the elements while providing shade. It covers more of the bed area as compared to Lomax’s two-panel design.

Cons: It is more expensive as compared to Lomax and it only has a three-piece design.

Lomax tonneau cover vs bakflip

Which is the best for you and why?

The Lomax hard-shell black folding tonneau cover can be rolled up in a minute, no tools required and has 3 different locking positions.  It is made of heavy-duty aluminum tubing. It’s the only economically priced hard-shell on the market with lift struts that support both ends while open to keep it from dropping to the lower half when not locked down.

The material is an 18 oz marine-grade vinyl-coated polyester fiber weave fabric that offers both good looks and great strength, plus it is water-resistant too! If you are looking for a tonneau cover that requires no assembly, is 100 percent waterproof and has a lifetime warranty versus rust then look no further.

If you want to get one, i would suggest you get the Access B1010019 5′ 6″ Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover. You also have a larger version of it which is the Access B1020019 5′ 8″.

BakFlip Tonneau Cover is an all-in-one tonneau cover that is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and has soft fabric panels which give it a secure fit. Installing it on your truck bed is easy; just one person can do the installation in about 15 to 20 minutes.  It features 4 different locking positions, water resistance, squeegee/scraper included for cleaning, and Quick release clamps.

So if your preference is for a tonneau cover that is easy to install and operate, has good looks, and fits securely when traveling then the BakFlip Tonneau Cover is for you.

Among all the BAKFlip covers, i think the following are the most desirable-


When buying a truck bed cover or extender, other factors should be considered such as price, warranty, weight capacity, and more. Although both the Lomax tonneau cover and BakFlip Tonneau Covers are good products, both have their own pros and cons. It pretty much depends upon your preference and budget as to which one you should get for your needs.


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