How to Remove Tonneau Cover Tacoma?

A tonneau cover protecting your truck bed against dirt, frost, water, and UV light can also cause damage if removed randomly. The professional uninstallation requires you to combine a pair of skilled hands with the right set of tools. Don’t know much about the tools and the right techniques? Nothing to be freaked out! We’re … Read more

Tyger Vs Gator Tonneau Cover

Tyger Vs Gator

Do you have a pick-up truck but have been struggling to find a suitable tonneau cover? If so, this article might help you because here we will compare the Tyger and Gator tonneau covers. The Tyger vs Gator tonneau cover battle has been raging for quite some time. They are both top-of-the-line options that all … Read more

Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip : Which is Better?

Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip

Rough Country and BAKflip have been in the Tonneau cover industry for many years. They equally maintaining competitive edge by providing high quality cover for their customer and keep their customer satisfied. While it is difficult to compare Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip, each has few unique features to its products that make their … Read more

Polycarbonate Vs Aluminum Tonneau Covers: Which is Better?

Polycarbonate and aluminum are the two most prevalent materials for the tonneau covers. They both offer the best protection in the harshest weather and are significantly durable. Between them, there are some differences available. So, polycarbonate vs aluminum tonneau covers is an interesting topic for us. Before that, let’s know about the tonneau cover first. … Read more

Roll Up Vs. Retractable Tonneau Cover

Roll Up Vs. Retractable Tonneau Cover

Having a tonneau cover is almost mandatory for each truck owner as it covers the equipment, saves gas, and keeps out the junk. You should consider getting a tonneau cover if you care about your things. The cover provides added security to your truck bed. If you need access to the entire truck bed, compact … Read more

American Tonneau Vs Gator: Which is Better?

American Tonneau Vs Gator

A tonneau cover is a perfect accessory for your truck. It protects the tonneau and helps you keep the truck bed clean while also adding space to carry items. If someone is genuinely concerned about the debate of American tonneau cover vs Gator, then he/she might have an interest in this article. The main differences … Read more

Soft vs Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover: Which is Better?

Soft vs Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Using tonneau cover is the surest way of protecting your goods from rain, snow, and sunlight. For tri-fold tonneau covers, there are two main varieties depending on the features, soft and hard cover. And that brings us to the soft vs hard tri fold tonneau cover debate. “Which tonneau cover will be best suited for … Read more

How To Open A Hard Tonneau Cover?

how to open tonneau cover

You must have heard the famous quote of Shakespeare – What’s in a name? Such is the case with the hard tonneau covers. Although they sound and appear to be hard, they are not so hard as you open or close them.  Even then, if you’re not sure how to open a hard tonneau cover … Read more

What Tonneau Cover Fit On 2014 Ram with Rambox

When your truck looks good, you look good. If your trucks don’t have any tonneau cover, then compare the outlook with those who have. But it’s not just about the look; it also works like a protector. Imagine it’s raining, and you were driving your favorite ram truck in 2014. But oh no! You don’t … Read more

How to Install a Hard Truck Bed Cover?

how to install tonneau cover

Truck bed covers or tonneau covers have increased in popularity over the years. The popularity is so much that no other after-market parts are as much in demand for trucks as the truck bed covers are. And it’s justifiably so.  Truck bed covers do the essential job of protecting the cargo of a truck. While … Read more