Gator FX Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip

Gator FX Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip: Which is Better?

Gator FX Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip; both are good for hard fold tonneau cover. But what is the difference between them? And which one will be best according to the advantages and disadvantages? 

If you want to buy a tonneau cover for your truck, it’s the first step for you to select the right one according to your needs and budget. Two of the most popular products are Gator FX tonneau cover and Bakflip. But both have some individual features, pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages and comparison between Gator FX tonneau cover and Bakflip. 

Gator FX Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip

Gator FX Tonneau Cover

Gator is a popular company to start their journey with the mission of helping truck owners. All of the Gator covers are built in the USA. Gator creates a comprehensive line of covers that are tough, highly functional that are able to fulfill your requirements. The advantages and the disadvantages of gator fx tonneau cover are given separately. 


  • 100% bed access and looks pretty good
  • Durable construction from powder-coated aluminum that provides weather resistance protection
  • Able to ensure the security with a strong lockable cover
  • Easy to install with a wrench and socket without any drilling
  • Can hold up to 300lbs worth of evenly-distributed weight on top
  • Lifetime install support and excellent customer services
  • Comparatively cheaper than Backflip
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Two-year warranty


  • Cover may leak
  • The bed of the truck may be soaking wet after heavy rainfall
  • Only a 2-year warranty is less than others

Bakflip Tonneau Cover

Bakflip is a renowned company that makes truck accessories with a tight-knit team, product managers, strategists, customer service experts, designers and technologists. The quality and durability of their products is so high and that makes it popular all over the world. The bakflip tonneau cover has some great advantages and also some disadvantages. Both are given below separately. 


  • 100% bed access and well fitted with your truck
  • Made in the USA with standard quality aluminum
  • Able to protect your goods from rain, snow UV rays etc.
  • 300-400 lbs worth of evenly-distributed weight on top
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Moreover, the house sales team offers unmatched technical advice and installation support
  • Have a 3 to 5-year warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • It’s not a 100% perfect seal
  • Cover may leak in the eadg, or sometimes in the middle
  • More expensive than others, especially from gator tonneau cover

Comparisons Between Gator FX Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover

This comparison section helps you to understand the similarities and differences between gator FX tonneau cover and Bakflip tonneau cover. Comparison from various aspects including manufacturing, price, performance, maintenance, warranty etc all will be helpful for you to choose the right product. 


Both of these two tonneau covers are made in the USA. But there are some differences in the manufacturing materials.  

The gator FX tonneau cover is made from powder-coated aluminum with low profile design. On the contrary, the bakflip tonneau cover is made from standard, premium or Vinyl over Aluminum. They also have a low-profile design and that makes it easy to use. The manufacturing process of bakflip is better than gator as well as their brand. 


Both of their performance is good as a hard fold tonneau cover with strong security features. 

But the performance of bakflip is comparatively better than gator because of good manufacturing, manufacturing materials, and their excellent design. 


The compatibility depends on the models and size of a tonneau cover. Both the gator and bakflip have a lot of models with a variety of sizes and designs. And you have to check the cover size whether it will be fitted with your truck or not. 

However, bakflip tonneau cover is able to hold up to 400lbs worth of evenly-distributed weight on top. On the contrary, the gator can hold up to 30Ibs only. 


The maintenance of gator and bakflip tonneau cover is almost the same. Installation process is as easy with a wrench and socket and without any drilling. 


It depends on the quality of a product as well as how much you use it, or depends on your care of it. However, bakflip is more durable than gator.  


Price is an important factor to consider before buying something. The gator and bakflip have a difference between their price range. 

The bakflip is comparatively more expensive than gator and that’s why if you want to buy a tonneau cover with a low budget, you have to consider the gator FX tonneau cover as your preferable choice. 

On the contrary, if you do not have any budget limitation, you can select the bakflip tonneau cover because of its quality, brand value, and some impressive advantages. 


Another major important factor to check about warranty. Both gator and bakflip have a warranty with their tonneau cover but have a little difference between them. 

The warranty varies with models. The range of gator tonneau cover warranty is 2 to 4 year. But they have an impressive 30 days return guarantee. 

On the opposite, bakflip do not have return guarantee but have a wide range of warranty and lifetime installation support. The range of bakflip warranty is 3 to 5 year and their customer service is better than others. 

Some Products Suggestions

After a wide range of surveys, a lot of research, experience and from experts’ suggestions, here we present some products that will be helpful for you to choose your preferable products. 

If you want to buy a gator tonneau cover, you may choose the Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover because of their great features.

If you like the Backflip, you may consider one of these two models to buy for your truck. One is the BAK BAKFlip MX4 for 78″ bed and the other great one is for 67.1″ bed.


To conclude the whole article, there are some differences between gator FX tonneau cover vs Bakflip tonneau cover. But both have some advantages and disadvantages. You have to understand the difference between them and select the right one according to your choice and budget. 


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