Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip

Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip : Which is Better?

Rough Country and BAKflip have been in the Tonneau cover industry for many years. They equally maintaining competitive edge by providing high quality cover for their customer and keep their customer satisfied. While it is difficult to compare Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip, each has few unique features to its products that make their products incomparable and unique in the Tonneau cover industry.

In this article, we will try to cover basic differences of their products, how unique and to what extent each get competitive edge over the other in terms of their product features and facilities. Let’s go into detail.

Rough Country Tonneau Cover

Rough Country, established in 1975 as manufacturers of classic, yellow-colored shock bodies, which can still be seen on truck. It is now renowned in Tonneau Cover industry for its loyalty and dignity to provide high quality, durable and user friendly Tonneue Cover to its customer around the world.

This company can provide products with high quality features and characteristics, which may not be found in products of other company comparable to Rough Country.

Advantages of its Tonneau Cover

  • Installation of rough country’s products is quite easy and only took a few minutes.
  • Rear clamps of its products can easily be clamped to the sides and retract into the bed cover and are secured by an internal loop.
  • Its cover will save your product even if it is huge thunderstorm out not a drop of water will got in the bed!
  • This cover will save couple hundred dollars over its competitors.
  • Incredibly well-engineered and the cover looks great and feels pretty solid.

Disadvantages of its Tonneau Cover

  • Few of its products may provide plastic quick clamps that feel a bit cheap.
  • Plastic bag with 4 pieces of gasket material may not make you happy.
  • Directions for few products may not be found. However, it is easy without them.
Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip

BAKflip Tonneau Cover

BAK Industries, Basically a Truck company, manufactures innovative truck bed covers. Considering a variety of consumer needs, it has diverse product line, including hard folding, hard rolling and retractable covers. It is one of the few top rated company that provides quality products which is more than just comparable to its competitor products.

Advantages of its Tonneau Cover

  • Products of BAKflip cover has rubber bumpers that protect the cab from damages caused by shifting load
  • Cover can handle extreme impact without affect the cab
  • Easy to Install
  • Protects cargo from the outside threat.

Disadvantages of its Tonneau Cover

  • Cover may leak around the edges
  • May need to spend few extra Dollar

Comparisons between Rough Country Tonneau cover vs BAKflip

Rough country and BAKflip both are performing in the industry very effectively and efficiently for long period of time. While comparisons between their products are not much to differentiate, they always try to maintain their customer satisfaction by providing few extra feature which may not common to both.

Material, Install Time and Easiness

Rough Country Tonneau cover is Easy to install and Install time is less than 30 minutes. No drilling is required. It is made by Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a Protective Black Textured Finish.

On the other hand, BAKflip Tonneau cover is also easy to install with no drilling or modifications required, however the install time is One Hour. Depending on various models such as G2 or Max 4, most of the products of BAKflip are made by Standard or premium Aluminum or Standard and premium FRP or Vinyl over Aluminum.

Weight Rating

For Rough Country, it varies with product variations. While 70 pounds for ‎Rough Country Low Profile Hard, more than 70 or less for other product. Moreover the weight is evenly distributed.

On the contrary, weight rating is consistent for BAKflip. It is either 300 or 400 LBS. For G2 it is 300 lbs. and max 4 it is model carry a weight of less than 300 or more than 400 Lbs.

Warranty and Price range

For Rough Country Few products are backed by Rough Country’s Lifetime Warranty such as Rough Country Low Profile Hard Tri-Fold while other products depending on other factors may have different warranty periods. Depending on various factors price range is usually less than $1000 and more than $600.

While for BAKflip it is either 3 or 5 years depending on which type you are buying. Considering various factors price range is usually less than $1000 and more than $600.

Panel Core and Water Tightness

while  For Rough Country products Panels are Constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a Protective Black Textured Finish, moreover Since part perfectly fit each other and the screws are well placed water tightness is incomparable to any other brand, BAKflip uses Standard or premium density depending on the model.

Panel Finish

Rough Country uses Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a Protective Black and BAKflip uses Powder Coated Aluminum or High Gloss Fiberglass or Standard Grade Vinyl over Aluminum

UV Resistant and Durability

UV resistant is good for Rough Country and very Strong Aluminum ensures security of your products that may be carried at the rear of the vehicle,

On the other hand UV resistant is Premium and standard depending on Products. Highly Durable.


Rough country uses Low Profile Design that improves the look of your truck securing your Cargo and preventing theft with vehicle tailgate lock.

While at the same time aluminum panels of BAKflip protect against marks, scratches and UV damage; as well as premium upgrades to the perimeter seals and hardware

Product Suggestion: –

Few product suggestions of Rough Country Tonneau cover

Few highly rated models of rough country tonneau cover are given below, although other brands can be found in their website.

Few product suggestions of BAKflip Tonneau cover

Few highly rated BAKflip tonneau covers are suggested below

Final verdict

In this article we try to compare different products features and their feasibility of Rough Country Tonneau Cover vs BAKflip. According to our analysis BAKflip Tonneau cover is just a step forward than Rough Country as you can see in comparison table this article. For more information you can comment and let us know your quarry.


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