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How Much Weight Can A Tonneau Cover Hold? | A Complete Breakdown

Going at high speed with loose cargo on your truck bed? A tonneau cover will keep your cargo safe. Going off-road with all your belongings? Tonneau covers will protect them from dust or debris.

Tonneau covers are not only great for protecting things you are hauling in the back of your truck; they can be great accessories to match the overall look of your truck. To make the whole thing look seamless and ensure greater protection, tonneau covers are always in the first place.

Before you stand on the tonneau cover, have a complete idea of how much weight can a tonneau cover hold. Generally, tonneau coves can hold 50-100 lbs of weight. And then, there will be some classifications of tonneau covers to know the exact weight limit for your type.

Why Are Tonneau Covers Useful?

Before we jump onto tonneau covers, let’s know why they are so popular among people.

The first thing a tonneau cover does is protect your cargo from rain, snow, debris, etc. Whatever you carry on your truck bed, a well-built truck bed cover can protect everything from being messed up. And that is the foremost reason people use tonneau covers.

Safety and beauty are the next reasons behind using these covers. Once there is a tonneau cover protecting your cargo, they remain safe all the way through, no matter whatever terrain you are surfing on.

And it’s kind of visually more appealing when things are out of sight, and people see just a flat truck bed cover on top of that.

Weight On Top Of Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers that can hold weight can be classified into several categories. Let’s take a closer look.

Hard Tonneau Covers

Whenever we hear hard tonneau cover, we think of a bulky material that isn’t often foldable. Well, it’s somewhat true. But some hard tonneau covers are foldable.

They often come with hinges that support the covers on the truck bed. For security reasons, hard tonneau covers are the best option. And when you ask how much weight can a hard tonneau cover hold, the answer is here.

Generally, hard tonneau covers can hold 50-100 lbs of weight. But the capacity can vary depending on different brands and models. For instance, some models of hard tonneau covers might hold up to 110 lbs.

Soft Tonneau Covers

You will mostly see this type of tonneau covers on truck beds. They are very economical. But at the same time, they provide the least protection and tonneau cover weight capacity among all types.

Soft tonneau covers are mostly made of vinyl covers on top of aluminum frames. They are usually foldable or retractable. You can buy them at a very affordable price but remember; they can’t withstand much weight.

The question is, how much weight can a soft tonneau cover hold? Soft tonneau covers can generally hold between 15 to 30 lbs. You can use them for simple tasks like a quick grocery run or something.

But if you plan to go off-road, this might not be a great choice.

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

As fiberglass tonneau covers have a honeycomb pattern in their inner structure, they can hold more than any other type. Though they are a bit more expensive, the performance will compensate for that.

And how much weight can a fiberglass tonneau cover hold? Depending on models, they can carry up to 110 lbs of weight. But it can vary from brand to brand. It often also depends on the build quality of the tonneau cover you are using.

How much weight a rugged tonneau cover can hold differs from a poorly made cover that doesn’t have enough support from the inner structure.

Can I Stand On Tonneau Cover?

The answer is a bit tricky. If you consider a soft tonneau cover or flex tonneau cover weight limit, it won’t be a good idea to stand on top of the tonneau cover. Those are made of vinyl and often not reinforced to take much weight. So, a big no. You can’t stand on top of soft tonneau covers.

But when it comes to hard or fiberglass tonneau covers, these are much stronger than the previous type. They can hold weight up to 110 lbs depending on the brand and the model.

In these cases, you can easily stand on top of the tonneau cover without worrying about those ripping off. Some tonneau covers weight capacity can go up to 2000 lbs in special cases, but you might need to spend a lot more bucks for that.


Have a glimpse of these answers to some frequently asked questions about tonneau covers.

Can I keep the tonneau cover up while driving?

Yes. It’s not an issue unless your area has any special law against this. You can drive, keeping the tonneau cover up. You can also carry loads extending less than four feet from the end of your truck bed.

Can I take my truck for a wash with a tonneau cover?

As long as you are using a hard or fiberglass tonneau cover and no harsh material is being used to wash the truck, it is fine to go for a wash with the cover on. But, it isn’t a good idea in the case of soft covers.

Are tonneau covers helpful for mileage?

Though there is no interrelation between mileage and tonneau covers, they can help reduce the drag on your truck by creating a smoother surface. As a result, your truck might consume 10% less fuel than it would without tonneau covers.


Before you set off with your favorite truck, don’t forget to put the tonneau cover on if you want to avoid a lot of hassle later. From plenty of different models out there, you can choose a model that suits your needs.

And it would help if you considered how much weight can a tonneau cover hold in the first place to determine whether you should buy it or not. Knowing the weight limit of your tonneau cover will save you from unwanted mishaps midway.


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