how to open tonneau cover

How To Open A Hard Tonneau Cover?

You must have heard the famous quote of Shakespeare – What’s in a name? Such is the case with the hard tonneau covers. Although they sound and appear to be hard, they are not so hard as you open or close them. 

Even then, if you’re not sure how to open a hard tonneau cover properly, we’re here for you. Throughout the following write-up, we will be guiding you to open different types of hard tonneau covers with different approaches. 

In the end, you will get introduced to our top picks of hard tonneau covers that might also be equally functional for you. Let’s begin!


how to open tonneau cover

What Are The Types Of Hard Tonneau Cover?

Hard tonneau covers are essentially divided into several categories depending on how they open or close. 

  • Hard folding tonneau cover
  • Hard rolling tonneau cover
  • Hard retractable tonneau cover
  • Hard electric tonneau cover

 Although these rolling and folding covers have been more popular over time, this mustn’t influence your purchase. 

However, now, let us take you to the main part of the write-up, the instructions: –

How To Open A Hard Tonneau Cover?

This segment gives you a detailed narration about how you can open a hard tri-fold, rolling, retractable, and stubbornly locked tonneau cover. 

Every method is further divided into several simple steps for your better understanding. 

How To Open A Folding Tonneau Cover?  

Here is what you will be doing step-by-step:

Step 1: First of all, locate a latch-like thing in the back of the cover (on it) and pull that up.   

Step 2: As you pull up the latch, the very first part of the cover gets up automatically. Lay it on its back on the following part and pull up that part as well. 

Step 3: Lay the newly pulled up part on its back on the surface of the following part.

You’re done! The truck bed is ready to be loaded or unloaded.

How To Open A Rolling Tonneau Cover?

The steps go below consecutively:

Step 1: From the back of your pickup truck, unleash the cover from its hooks or locks.

Step 2: Place your two hands on two ends of the cover and start rolling at the same time.

Step 3: Roll up to the extent you need the truck bed empty. Once rolled, secure the rolled portion with lace or hook (as provided). 

How To Open A Retractable Tonneau Cover?

Undoubtedly, the easiest-to-open cover award goes to the retractable one. This is how you open it:

Step 1: On the cover at the back, there must be a knob or latch-like thing. Turn it in the position suggested by the user manual.

Step 2: Mildly push the cover, and the cover will automatically go backward.   

How To Open A Locked Tonneau Cover?

Now, this is the most asked question that we get from our audience. They complain they can’t open their locked Mopar tonneau cover or f150 cover.

So, to resolve this long-haunting issue, we dedicate this segment to those facing the same problem!

To facilitate your job significantly, the followings are basic necessities: 

  • Pliers
  • Dielectric grease
  • Rubber hammer
  • Penetrating oil
  • Propane torch
  • Wiper – tissue or clean rag piece

Steps to follow to open a stubborn Tacoma bed cover:

Step 1: Can’t push the key through the flap of the keyhole? Then, first of all, heat up the lock sufficiently using a propane torch. 

If water is frozen inside the lock, it will get melted, allowing you to insert the key smoothly.  

Step 2: Didn’t heat work? Then, the issue is from any other source. 

Apply a moderate amount of penetrating oil on the keyhole flap. Wait for a couple of minutes. 

However, don’t forget to blot the residual oil with the wiper. Otherwise, it will leave stains. 

Step 3: If the waiting duration is over, try to insert the key again. It is expected to get inserted easily, but even then, it doesn’t do the following. 

Insert the top of the key into the keyhole as much as possible. Next, take the rubber hammer and start hammering the key with utter mildness. 

After that, glide the key both ways three to four times and finally leave it there for another couple of minutes.

Step 4: To get an opening into the lock, slide the key halfway into it. Afterward, apply some more penetrating oil to glide the key easily for a further three to four times. 

Leave the key seating in that position for another few minutes.

Step 5: Turn the key mildly to open the lock. In case you’re unable to turn it with bare hands, try to turn forcefully using the pliers. 

Keep trying a few times, then halt and again try. 

By ‘forcefully,’ we didn’t actually mean wildly rather a gentle force.

However, by this time, you should be able to turn the key completely. But, if, unfortunately, things don’t go as expected, don’t dare turn the key wildly out of rage. You will end up damaging the key and lock it permanently.  

Step 6: What’s the output of step 5? Could you open the lock? If you could, then it’s time to spray some dielectric grease all over the lock. 

Doing this will enable it to fight against premature rusting.

Step 7: This step is a substitution for step 6 if step 5 had been a failure. 

Sometimes, the cover gets stuck to the tailgate keeping you unaware. In this case, no matter how hard you try step 4, you won’t succeed. 

So, what you should do is apply mild pressure on that cover part, which is closer to the lock. 

This should work like magic and if you are successful, then follow step 6. 


If all your attempts fail, stop dealing with the stubborn lock by yourself. You are left with two options now:

  • Call in a locksmith who has the skill to unlock without causing damage
  • Drive the pickup truck to its dealer and let them resolve the issue 

We are quite sure that none of the ideas will let you down!

What Are The Hard Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts?

The most common replacement parts of a hard tonneau truck bed cover are:

  • Corner foam
  • Crossbar
  • End connector
  • Buckle strap
  • Latch hook
  • Hinge assembly
  • Rear barrel nut
  • Front wing nut
  • Side rail

Apart from these, there are some others left that you may need to replace now and then. 

Therefore, it is advisable to get yourself acquainted with each of them and learn their respective functions.

Recommended Hard Tonneau Covers For Your Pickup Trucks

Which hard tonneau cover should get priority is a highly confusing matter to the lion’s share of Tacoma users. 

Therefore, we have decided to share our sweet memories with two particular hardcovers. You may go for either of these on your own accord and at risk.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Truck Cover

A budget-friendly yet rough-and-tough truck cover with the following features predominantly:

Grossly resistant: Its Aluminum made surface is more efficient in dealing with heat, dust dents, water, and scratches. 

Temperature-friendly: No matter what the temperature is, the cover neither expands nor shrinks. 

Sustainable: If equally distributed, the cover can take up to 300 pounds 

Perago F4-QC Hard Bed Cover

A standout retractable cover that you can install simply and use for a lifetime:

Durable: Essentially made of solid Aluminum that is sufficiently tough, whereas the satin black powder finishing guarantees protection against scratches.   

Time-saving: We doubt if there is any other retractable hard tonneau cover that opens and closes so fast.

Deadbolt key lock system: A popular lock system for reliable security.

All-enduring: Whether it is ice or rain, nothing can prevent the cover from performing the best.    


You might find the questions in your mind below:

Q. Are hard tonneau covers good for pickup trucks?

Ans. With further durability and resistance, hardcovers are worthy of your attention only if budget isn’t your concern.

Q. How does a hard tonneau cover vary from a softcover?

Ans. A hardcover serves the same purpose as a softcover with more dedication.

Q. Are hard tonneau covers removable?

Ans. Yes, obviously they are. But, the removal process and afflictions vary from one type or model to another. 

Final words

To conclude, if you are not sure how to open a hard tonneau cover accurately, you always better learn first. It is never wise to be forceful upon the cover and its lock. Otherwise, none else but you will hold the responsibility for the damage to the cover and to your truck’s bed or sides. 


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