5 Best Bed Liner Paint for Jeep and Truck Beds

Do you own a jeep and thinking of applying the truck bed liner? Truck bed liner or simply liner is a protective coating applied into truck or jeep beds. But do you really need to bed line your jeep? What are the benefits? There are many!

The most significant one is that it protects the jeep bed from any impact and abrasive damage. The painted floor with bed liner enhances the durability and wear resistance while providing ease of cleaning. And you can take full advantage of these benefits only by having the best bed liner paint for jeep.

But how do you find one?

Since you can’t risk your darling jeep, this article will help you find the best liner.

Reviews of Top 5 Bed Liner Paint for Jeep

If you don’t just wanna read the names of the top bedliner paint options, then this is your section. Have every every detail about them here.

Key features

  • Large, re-sprayable size
  • Includes free application gun and adjustable nozzle
  • Comes with a regulator and gauge
  • Waterproof

Looking to paint truck bed or the jeep wrangler? There’s one ‘ever so popular’ option you can opt for—the U-Pol Raptor Truck Bed Liner. Using this spray on is childsplay; add the hardener (3:1 ration), shake, and spray! It creates textured, protective urethane coating to be applied on jeep or truck beds.

There’s a spray gun (not from Raptor though), an adjustable nozzle, regulator, and gauge. You can either choose to spray or roll/brush on. Don’t bother to wax after application.

Raptor Liner comes in a large pack to re-spray even the largest beds. It needs some preps like scuffing (follow the instructions). This is a clear bedliner to keep your jeep protected from all environmental odds, including rust, abrasion, corrosion, cracks, etc.

Key features

  • Water-based bed liner
  • Fast-dry formula
  • Provides custom non-skid textured coating
  • Covers up to 40 sq. ft. per quart

Do you want your jeep to look cooler? And that too in a way which prevents it from impact damage? Try Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Liner, an attractive and easy-to-use protective coating.

This water-based bed liner comes in a fast dry formula. To get a non-skid textured finish, you can use a 4’’ textured roller. It provides great adhesion, and once done successfully, you can expect a long-lasting premium finish. It’s resistant to rust, scratch, fade, abrasion, and extreme weather.

Unfortunately, this is a thinner coating, and you’d need more than two coatings for the desired results.

Key features

  • Tough and textured formula
  • Provides non-skid coating
  • Thick consistency
  • Functional cure time is 10 to 12 hours, and complete cure time is 24 hours
  • A complete kit with bed liner, brush, roller, roller handle, and abrasive pad

If you’re hunting for a true DIY truck bed liner for your jeep, you can’t ignore the Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit. It’s a complete kit that comes with rollers, a brush, and an abrasive pad. So all you need is to prep the jeep bed, apply the paint, and allow it to dry.

It comes with a textured formula that is thicker and stronger than most other roll-ons. The anti-skid coating prevents rust, abrasion, or other impact damage and remains premium for years. A couple of coats should be good to set your jeep bed.

Like other roll-ons, it’s a time consuming option, alas!

Love Herculiner but not the roll-on formula? No worries, here we have the Herculiner Aerosol Spray Bed Liner that makes lining your jeep bed easy peasy!

It provides a thicker and stronger anti-skid protective coating that can withstand most of the environmental challenges like rust, chemicals, corrosion, abrasives, cracks, etc. So you get a premium finish for a longer period.

The aerosol-style bed liner spray paint comes with a faster application time. The functional cure time is very fast, just an hour! Go through a light first coat and then a good second coat. That’s it, you’re done with a perfect texture.

The adhesion is good, but you need to make sure that you’ve prepared the surface well enough.

Key Features

  • Aerosol spray-on
  • Works on different automotive and surface applications
  • Textured formula
  • Provides anti-skid coating

Key features

  • Comes with a free spray gun
  • Compatible with most original manufacturers finishes
  • Doesn’t need wax after application
  • Resprayable 4 liter size
  • Waterproof

Time for another bed liner kit on the list. And that’s probably the best you’ll get out there, the U-Pol Raptor Spray-on Truck Bed. It comes with a free spray gun that should work exactly the way you want.

Will it cover your large jeep bed? It’ll; in fact, you can make a couple of coats easily with this large re-sprayable kit. Raptor has always been the DIYers’ favorite for ease of use. No wax is needed after application.

Raptor is a clear bed liner that protects against corrosion, rust, dampness, and extreme temperatures. It’s waterproof and flexible to help deaden any vibration or sound. It provides excellent adhesion. Try it for some Jeep Cherokee to see how well it faces environmental challenges and remains so premium!

How to Spray in Bed Liner

If you don’t know how to do spray in bed liner, simply follow the steps below:

Pull the Jeep or Truck In the Right Place: Find a well-ventilated or specialized booth to pull your truck or jeep in.

Remove the Parts: Remove the tailgate from your vehicle and all the tie downs from the bed to avoid spraying on them.

Masking Time: Now, start masking the jeep or truck off using a line tape and plastic layer to avoid overspray or unintended spray.

Surface Preps: Use a sander to sand the surface and make it rough for the spray to stick well. Now air and wipe down the whole surface with denatured alcohol.

Spray Time: Fill the hopper and hold the gun from an 18’’ distance. Start spraying the bed with sweeping actions. Use different spray paths and apply lighter coats first. Allow 10 minutes for each coat to dry.

Remove Tape/Plastic and Re-install: Now, you can remove the line tape and plastic after 5 minutes of spray. Finally, reinstall the tie downs to the bed along with its tailgate. You’re good to complete your first truck bed spray paint project.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Bed Liner Paint For Jeep And Truck Beds

If you’ve decided to bed liner the entire truck or jeep on your own, you’re probably in need of some guidance. Here’s a breakdown of things that you need to know while choosing the best bed liner paint for the jeep.

Spray-in Vs. Roll-on

The spray-on bed liners come with spray-in or roll-on options. Some offer both a spray gun and a roller/brush to be painted on the bed.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons. If you want it to be quicker, get even layers, and not worry about the paint drying out before you finish; then spray-in is your go-to option.

However, spray-in is more expensive. On the other hand, roll-on liners are cheaper and good for thicker layers and added protection. But its application takes much longer and is labor-intensive.

Adhesion Quality

The adhesion quality of the bed liner is an important factor to consider. A better adhesion ensures a strong chemical bond between the paint and the surface, resulting in increased durability. You can also use an adhesion promoter to improve the adhesion.

Amount of Material and Coverage

You can’t just run out of the paint in the middle of the lining! So you need to be aware of how much you should buy. For jeep beds, you’ll need around 3 quarts to 1 gallon per coat. So figure out how many coats you need and buy the amount accordingly.

Kit or Single Liner

You’ll need a spray gun, roller, or brush anyway to line the bed. So it’s better to go with a liner kit than a single liner pack. But if you already have the accessories, you can choose to buy the bed liner paint only.

FAQs For Top Bed Liner Paint For Jeep And Truck Beds

If you’re a newbie to lining with tons of questions in mind, check out answers to the FAQs here.

  1. Do I need to prime before additional coats?

No, you generally don’t need to prime again. You can scuff lightly after the curing time.

  • Why are Silicon-based products are beds for cleaning spray-on bed liners?

You shouldn’t use silicon-based cleaning products on your bed lining as they can reduce the skid resistance and damage the finish.

  • Do I Need to Sand before Bed liner?

Yes, you need to sand the surface as it’ll create a roughness to help the liner adhere securely.

  • Can the bed liner directly go over rust?

Yes, bed liner can go directly over rust as it’s an osmium phosphate that can easily stick to rust.

  • Can I color match the bed liner?

There are a few bed liners that come in a wide spectrum of truck bed coating colors. Some are customizable, allowing you to match the color of the bed liner.

Final Thoughts

As we approach the end of the article, you’ve probably figured out the best bed liner paint for jeep. Raptor Spray-On Bed Liner is our personal favorite. However, the other options are pretty good as well.

Using one of these bed liners can enhance the appearance of your jeep while making it last longer and protecting the resale value. The bed liners are also cheaper and easier than regular automotive paints.

They can withstand much more abuse as well. Its texture is rough, but you can call it a rough textured automotive paint. If you’re a serious driver, the roughness and the ultra truck works will suit your personality!

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