Best Soft Tonneau Cover F150

Best Soft Tonneau Cover F150 [Top 6 Reviews]

A truck bed cover is the ultimate protection for your cargo. Besides protecting your cargo, tonneau covers are great for covering the ugly skeleton of your truck bed. At the same time, they reduce drag to improve your truck’s fuel economy.

Heavy duty truck bed covers are difficult to handle and costly to buy. On the other hand, soft tonneau covers are the easiest option to choose for new truck owners.

We have reviewed a stack of tonneau covers to help you choose the best soft tonneau cover, F150. Let’s explore more to get the right tonneau cover in your budget.

Types Of Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers can be classified based on two key aspects. One is their profile, and the other is their foldability.

Depending on the profile, soft tonneau covers are of two types. Some covers are low-profile that sit flush with the truck bed cover. And some others are top-mounted that sit a bit higher than the truck bed.

In terms of foldability, soft roll up pickup bed covers are more common. These are more affordable and functional. A soft folding tonneau cover is another type where you can fold the cover into several portions.

Reviews of the Best Soft Tonneau Cover F150

We have compiled some of the best soft folding tonneau cover F150. Let us elaborate on why you should choose from these covers.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Vinyl
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Fit For: F150 2015-2022
  • Lock Type: Cable Latch

Tyger T1 will be a good choice for ford F150 soft folding tonneau cover owners who use their pickup for light jobs.

The frame of T1 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so it’s sturdy and lightweight. A dual-coated vinyl is laid on top to give the back of your truck a sleek look.

Horizontal crossbars support the vinyl cover when fully closed. As the cover won’t be that affected by the wind, aerodynamic drag will be the minimum to give better mileage.

Installing takes a bit longer. But once set up, a secured locking system and side seals will protect your cargo from bad weather.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Leather-grain Vinyl
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Lock Type: Latch

The leather-grain vinyl cover of the TruXport Ford F150 soft roll up tonneau cover gives your truck bed an excellent look. This stylish cover protects all your cargo in the truck bed from weather and other hazards.

Its heavy-duty frame, along with cross support beams, can withstand a good amount of weight. The cover sits a bit higher on the truck bed that is different from most other soft roll up truck bed covers.

But this gives the truck a rugged and sportier look. Installation of this cover is hassle-free. Locking and unlocking the cover takes almost no time.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Leather-grain Vinyl
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Lock Type: Latch

You can roll the Gator ETX tonneau cover all the way to the back to get full bed access. As this cover fits shorter beds of F150, having full bed access is crucial to fit large cargo.

The construction of this cover is top-notch. A Leather-grain vinyl cover sits on top of the aluminum frame, and the whole thing is flush with the truck bed. So, the cover looks amazing when fully closed.

Installation needs no drilling, and you can lock or unlock the latch with just one hand. And the cover comes with tension adjusters to keep the cover wrinkle-free.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Canvas
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Lock Type: Latch

Genesis’s soft roll up cover gives your truck bed an elegant look with the required safety to your cargo. Not just safety from theft, the cover also protects your belongings from getting wet or catching mildew.

The matte canvas sits on top of the high-grade aluminum frame to give the cover its unmatched strength. And the tension control system helps keep the cover flat. You can set up the cover in less than 20 minutes.

Amazing functionality, full bed access, low-profile design, easy operation, and proper safety are the things you can expect from the Genesis Elite cover.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Vinyl
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Lock Type: Latch

Often the side rails of soft covers are exposed to weather conditions. So, your cargo inside cover gets wet even in light rain. To protect your cargo from such conditions, this cover seals the side rails completely.

And because of the top-mount design, water can’t sit on top of the cover. You also get the maximum luggage space due to this design.

You can have full bed access with this cover fully open. The rear latch system is convenient to operate and provides enough safety to your cargo.

Key Features:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Cover Material: Vinyl
  • Bed Length: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Style: Soft Roll-up
  • Lock Type: Latch

This cover probably has the best seamless look when fully closed. It stays flush on your truck bed to give it a sleek look. The soft roll up cover is a bit shorter in length, but you can get custom sizes to fit your truck bed.

Almost all other features on this truck bed cover are pretty standard. You get a sturdy frame with a protective vinyl cover. Installing the cover takes just a bit of effort, and operating the cover is very easy.

From a secure locking system to tension adjustments, you get everything you can expect from a truck bed cover of this price.

Why Buy A Soft Tonneau Cover?

Let’s take a quick look at why a soft truck cover can be your go-to option.

  • A soft top bed cover will allow you to use it without any extra hassle of drilling or other heavy processes.
  • If you want to protect your cargo without spending too much, soft tonneau covers are the best option.
  • You don’t need to give much effort to the maintenance of soft tonneau covers.
  • Soft tonneau covers are lightweight, so they don’t affect the mileage of your pickup.

Best Soft Tonneau Cover F150 Buying Guide

Tonneau covers are easy to buy but difficult to choose. You need to consider several factors before choosing the right soft tonneau cover for your F150.


Soft tonneau covers are mostly constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame topped with vinyl covers. Before buying a soft tonneau cover, check whether the frame is rigid enough and the beam can support the soft cover.

The top cover should be strong enough to withstand wind, rain, etc., to protect your cargo.

Cargo Safety

To secure your cargo from theft or other hazards, buy a tonneau cover that has an easy and effective locking system. Most soft tonneau covers have a latch-type lock at the tailgate.

You need to ensure the cover fits snug on your truck bed and there is no gap between the cover and the truck. Velcro seals are easy to open and close frequently but snap seals will give you better protection.

Easy Operation

Soft roll up tonneau covers is the most popular option for truck owners. You can easily open and close these covers without lifting much weight. Soft tri fold tonneau covers f150 are there, but roll up covers are the most convenient option because of their simplicity.

Bed Access

One major problem with tri-fold or hard folding covers is often you can’t fully open them. So, you lose access to a large portion of your truck bed. This is why soft roll up covers are more effective, as you can get full bed access with these covers.

With hard folding covers, you can’t get a clear view of the truck bed. Roll up covers stay much lower when the bed is open, so you can see what’s going on in the back.


People usually don’t expect that heavy-duty carrying capability from soft tonneau covers. Rather, these covers are mostly used for daily use in shorter ranges. Besides providing enough protection, these covers should be aligned properly with the truck to elevate the overall look.

Choose something that stays flush with the truck bed so that it seems like a part of your truck.


We will be glad to answer some of your frequently asked questions about soft tonneau covers. Here you go.

How tight should a soft tonneau cover be?

Soft tonneau covers should be very tight when fully closed. If you see your cover sagging, it means the tension isn’t right. Adjust the tension to tighten the cover.

Do soft tonneau cover flap in the wind?

Tonneau covers can flap in the wind if they aren’t installed correctly. Softer materials like cloth can flap more than vinyl covers. Flapping can also happen if the tension isn’t correct.

How to adjust the tension on a tonneau cover?

Most soft tonneau covers come with a tension adjustment system. You can turn the adjuster clockwise to loosen and counter-clockwise to tighten the cover.

Can I install a soft tonneau cover on my F150?

Soft roll up covers usually don’t require any drilling. So, you can install these covers easily without any special equipment.

Can I go through an automatic car wash with a soft tonneau cover?

Though you can go through an automatic car wash with a soft tonneau cover, it’s better to remove the cover as hard bristles can damage the cover.

Final Thoughts

Soft tonneau covers make your Ford F150 look much sleeker and help you ride in style. Be it your grocery or camping gear; everything stays protected under such a cover. But you need to choose the cover carefully to get the most out of your investment.

Don’t let a tonneau cover decide how much effort you need to give. Rather, you choose the best soft tonneau cover for F150 to get to minimize the effort and use without much hassle.


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