best bed cover for Toyota Tacoma

Best Tonneau Cover for 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is an excellent choice as a light pickup truck. However, the Tacoma doesn’t come with a preinstalled tonneau for the cargo area. Whether it’s the dust or the rain, it’s essential to protect the content of the cargo area when you go out and about your daily life.

There are different types of purpose-built tonneau out in the market. But what is the best tonneau cover for the 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma?

Truth be told, there’s no direct answer to this. As a result, we have compiled a list of the best tonneau cover and buying guides so that you can make an informed purchase. Let’s dig in!

Should I Look for OEM Tacoma Tonneau Cover?

Before even considering looking for an OEM Tacoma Tonneau cover, you should be asking is it possible to find an OEM Tonneau cover. OEM Tonneaus are very rare and aren’t generally available in the market.  

Even if you can find one by luck, it’s going to cost you an astronomical figure to purchase. We tried looking for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma factory bed cover, and there aren’t many buying sources.

Compared to the OEM covers, there are after-market Tonneau covers that are often better than the OEM ones, or so do other Tacoma bed cover reviews tell us. And to add to that, you can even find them for a fraction of the OEM price. So rather than going for the OEM Tonneau cover, it’s better if you install the after-market ones.

Best Tonneau Cover for 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma

Key features

  • Type: Roll up tonneau cover
  • Material: Marine Grade vinyl
  • Exterior: Dual coated layer for added protection
  • Security: Tailgate lock system

The first one on our list is from Tyger auto. The company is known for making high-quality auto after-market parts. When it comes to tonneau covers, many people swear by their quality and reliability.

The T1 tonneau cover is a US patented design which makes it completely street legal. The dual-layered marine-grade vinyl finish ensures resilience against extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The Tyger Tacoma bed cover lies flat on the side racks.

The side racks can be sealed with industrial-grade Velcro. There is an inbuilt tension system that helps to keep the cover utterly flush with the bed. As a result, there is no chance of water clogging on the cover, even in heavy rain.

The base structure of the Tyger T1 attaches with the Tacoma in a clamp system. Most tonneau covers out in the market require different drilling on the side rack, which often renders the truck unusable for other types of covers. However, the T1’s clamp design ensures that there’s no need for external modification on the truck.

You can seamlessly switch in and out your cover with the push of a few buttons. The Tyger T1 also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Overall, the Tyger T1 is one of the best truck bed covers for Tacoma.

Key features

  • Type: Tri-fold tonneau cover
  • Material: Durable aluminum panel
  • Exterior: Coated matte black finish
  • Security: Tailgate lock system

When it comes to cover, there are hardly any other brands that check so many boxes as UnderCover does. The design of their covers is lightweight, flexible, and overall purpose-built.

The undercover tonneau cover Tacoma edition is perfect for any Toyota Tacoma ranging from 2016-2021. The cover has a stylish matte finish which gives it a premium look. The panels are made of durable aluminum with a brushed finish. In addition to that, the flush-fitting gives the truck a minimal and classy look.

One of the gripes with tonneau covers is the lack of cargo protection underneath. The undercover one comes with under-paneling, which adds protection to the cargo. There is also perimeter sealing for better waterproofing and integrated LED lights for better visibility.

The blacked-out matte cover coupled with waterproofing protects your cargo against extreme weather. With this tonneau cover, you can travel with ease without worrying at all.

The cover can be mounted in three ways – either closed, fully open, or partially opened. There are two supporting rods on two rail sides which ensures that the truck doesn’t obstruct the back of the truck.

Key features

  • Type: Retractable tonneau cover
  • Material: premium aluminum slats
  • Exterior: Powder coated matte black texture
  • Security: clamp locks

Most of the tonneau covers out in the market offer some form of waterproofing. However, almost none of them are purpose-built for waterproofing, like the Syneticusa Aluminum tonneau cover.

The metal bed cover is made from aluminum, as the name suggests. But there are other waterproof bed covers that are made of aluminum. The difference here is in the added texture. The cover has a powder-coated textured finish which guarantees protection from snow, rain, salt, leaves, etc.

This tonneau cover adds rugged protection thanks to the durable aluminum panel. This enables the cover to be secured via locks or carried in an open position. Regardless of how you travel, you can be assured about the security of your cargo.

However, one of the gripes we have with this one is that you will need to drill holes for the drainage tubes. Other than that, the installation process is a breeze and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Everything needed for installation is included with the cover.

Key features

  • Type: Tri-fold tonneau cover
  • Material: Premium aluminum panels
  • Exterior: Matte finish coating
  • Security: Clamp and tailgate lock

BAK is another well-known after-market automotive parts maker. The company has tonneau covers for Toyota, not just for the 2016-2021 model, but before that as well.

The BAKflip mx4 Tonneau cover Tacoma edition has a three-panel design. The panels are made out of rigid aluminum. The three panels help to install the cover in either a closed, partially closed, or fully locked system.

An added advantage to this cover is that you don’t need an extra lock system for protection. Once you close the tailgate, it automatically locks into position as a cover stays flush with the bed. The matte finish of the panel ensures that the cover is protected against UV rays as well as marks and scratches.

The complete sealing makes this truck cover a perfect weatherproof solution. One of the common issues with tonneau covers is that they tend to cover up the tail light or the tailgate. This patented design ultimately leaves the third panel.

However, if you are traveling with the cover completely opened, the panels will rest against the back of the cab. Other than that, the BAKflip bed cover Tacoma edition is a perfect choice for your truck.

Key features

  • Type: Roll up tonneau cover
  • Material: Leather grain vinyl
  • Exterior: Dual-layer leather grain tarp
  • Security: Tailgate lock system

The company specializing in covers makes perfect lightweight covers for trucks, including the 2016 Tacoma bed cover.

The lightweight nature of their build is prevalent in the Trifecta 2.0 as well. The upper tarp is made from leather-grain fabric, making it durable and weather resistant. The component is built to be marine grade, so no matter how hard it rains or how much moisture is out there, the cover will protect your cargo regardless.

Unlike the other drilling and bolting covers we’ve seen, this one is a roll-up tonneau cover. The soft material doesn’t require any kind of drilling to be installed. It takes only a few minutes to roll up or roll down the cover.

There are two EZ-lock clamps on the two rails, which makes it easier to clamp up the cover. It’s easy, secure, and fast.

The cover stays flush with the bed. The tarp has excellent stretchability, which ensures perfect tension and fades resistance. Even after years of usage, you can be sure that your cover will keep looking new.

And did we mention that the cover comes preinstalled? This is another handy feature that makes installing the cover a child’s play. The only downside of this soft tonneau cover is that there aren’t any security lock features in case you want to lock your cargo.

Key features

  • Type: Tri-fold tonneau cover
  • Material: Heavy-duty aluminum panels
  • Exterior: UV protectedc powder coat finish
  • Security: Tailgate lock system

The Gator EFX hard fold Tonneau cover Tacoma edition is one of the best 2020 Tacoma tri-fold tonneau covers. This cover is designed to work with previous models as well up until 2007.

The main construction material of this bed cover is heavy-duty aluminum.

The three panels are securely attached, and the cover automatically locks when completely closed. The cover is powder coated to be extra resistant to weather. The coating also offers UV protection as well as superior scratch resistance.

It’s a perfect storage cover for carrying sensitive items. The design of the cover is a low-profile one that sits flush with the bed. The cover comes preinstalled, and you don’t need any extra tools or drilling for the installation.

The gator bed covers Tacoma edition has its own water management system that doesn’t require any extra drilling. Whether it’s the rain or moisture or you blow cleaning it with a water hose, the cover won’t let a single drop inside. This has been made possible thanks to the superior sealing technology of Gator.

You are also getting a 3-year guarantee with the cover with a dedicated tonneau expert for US-based customers. Overall, if you’re looking for a rugged cover for your Tacoma, this is easily a great choice.

Key features

  • Type: Retractable tonneau cover
  • Material: Aluminum reinforced polycarbonate
  • Exterior: Chrome painted and polished
  • Security: key lock system

Ever wondered how good it would’ve been if the bed cover retracted itself? Well, look no further as RetraxONE MX has the perfect solution for you.

The bed rack of this cover easily retracts with a remotely powered slot rail. You can also get the manually operated one at a cheaper deal. The Tacoma retrax bed cover is a perfect choice for those looking to bring ease into their everyday use of the Tonneau cover.

The bed cover has a separate locking mechanism in addition to the tailgate one. As a result, you can lock it at any position of your choice without any hassle.

The component used here is the aluminum-lined polycarbonate material. These are light and durable and will last you a long time. The flush design ensures that it looks pretty sleek when completely closed. The top of the cover is also rated to hold up to 200 lbs of weight.

The matte finish on the cover makes it UV resistant as well as protected against any kind of minor scratches.

Rather than using springs, the company used sealed ball bearing, which makes the retraction a breeze.

To sum things up, the RetraxONE is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an automated tonneau cover for your Tacoma.

Key features

  • Type: Roll up tonneau cover
  • Material: Marine-grade vinyl
  • Exterior: Dual coated black layer
  • Security: Heavy-duty clamps

It’s not easy to choose between folding or a roll-up tonneau cover. However, the tonno covers for Toyota Tacoma comes in both folding and roll-up system. If you’re looking for a 2019 Toyota Tacoma bed cover 5ft version one, tonno has you covered here as well.

Basically, they fit all the Tacoma models between 2016-2021. The cover tarp of this tonneau cover is made from marine-grade vinyl with double-sided tear-resistant stitching. No matter how hard you use it, rest assured it won’t get damaged easily.

The lightweight nature of the tarp makes it super easy to install and roll-up. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the roll-up version or the folding one. It will still give you the same handling comfort.

Unlike other tarp tonneau covers, the tonneau cover mounts inside the side rails. This gives the cover a super low profile, and the flush nature gives perfect visibility of the back.

The cover comes with heavy-duty clamps, which will perfectly position it within 25 minutes. If you are looking for something lightweight as well as easy to mount and dismount, the Tonno Pro can easily be a good choice at an affordable price.

Key features

  • Type: Soft tri-fold tonneau cover
  • Material: Hard FRP
  • Exterior: powder-coated anti-tear protection
  • Security: Clamps as well as a tailgate lock system

The tonneau cover from Kikito is purpose-built for Tacoma from 2005-2015, as well as models from 2016-2021. They either come in the deck rail system or the roll bar system depending on your setup.

The covers are basically made from hard FRP, making them a solid and durable choice. The tri-fold design makes it perfect for maneuvering across the bed. The inside of the cover is made with a honeycomb structure which makes it perfect for resisting extra weight as well as weatherproofing.

The cover seals with the deck through the tailgate lock mechanism. The hard lock system gives it complete anti-theft protection. Your cargo will be safeguarded no matter what. The low-profile design makes it perfect for back visibility.

The best thing about using FRP material is the mount and dismount of the cover. It’s super lightweight, meaning it’s very easy to mount and dismount. You also won’t be needing any form of drilling, so that’s another plus point.

In addition to that, the design has been patented in the US. The hinge caps, along with the snap-on seal, waterproof the cover better.  If lightweight is your game, then this is the perfect Tacoma 6 footbed cover for you.

Key features

  • Type: Hard tri-fold tonneau cover
  • Material: Hard FRP
  • Exterior: dual-layer aluminum coating
  • Security: Tailgate lock system

The last one on our list is from Deebior. You can get their cover for either 5 ft or 6 ft, depending on your use case scenario.

Just like the kikito tonneau cover, this one is also an FRP-built cover meaning it will be incredibly lightweight and easy to use. The external rails and frames are made from aluminum, keeping on par with the lightweight nature of the material. Due to its length, it’s the perfect 2017 Tacoma long bed tonneau cover.

The design of the cover is a folding one. Maneuvering such a long piece might be a tough task to get around, but you will get used to it as time goes by. Deebior has included waterproof adhesive tape for the side rails. As a result, water cannot seep inside the cargo. You will not get hardline waterproofing with this one, but at least it will be able to battle light weather.

However, the cover is still black powder coated, which ensures zero fading and UV resistance. The side rails are provided with LED strips for better visibility in the dark.

best bed cover for Toyota Tacoma

Buying Guide for Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

The Toyota Tacoma is a leading pickup choice naturally for its compact and spacious back. And it’s only natural that you’ll need a tonneau cover to protect your cargo.

We have listed some of the best tonneau covers in this article that you can choose from. But there are countless other tonneau covers in the market. Depending on your preference, you might choose one for yourself. But there are some key aspects that you should consider before buying the cover. These are:

Types of Cover

There are mainly three types of tonneau covers – retracting covers, folding covers, and roll covers.

The retracting cover is mostly manual in nature, but some advanced models these days use automatic options. It retracts like a door at the push of a button or a lever string. Installing them or mounting or dismounting them are quite difficult, and they tend to be more expensive compared to the rest.

Then comes the folding covers. They are mainly tri-fold designed and, as the name suggests, can be folded to the back.

The last one is the rolling cover which is mainly made of tarp. The rolling covers are easy to install and are comparatively cheaper.


The Tacoma models from 2016 and onwards fits a specific type of cover. The ones before them have different clamp options, which render them unusable in the newer models. Double-check which one is the right cover for you before buying.

Cover material

There are all sorts of different materials for the cover like vinyl, aluminum, FRP, and whatnot. Vinyl may look good, but they don’t have the protection and durability of aluminum. Whereas aluminum isn’t as lightweight as FRP.

If you’re not someone who mounts unmounts regularly, it’s better to opt for the aluminum one as it offers better protection and security.


Brand matters because they can consistently deliver on the product quality and after-service. A brand becomes a brand due to its reliability. There are a few go-to brands in the market when it comes to tonneau covers. Brands like Tyger Auto have been known for delivering quality covers for quite some time now. As a result, they have also developed a considerable customer base.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation depends on the type of cover you’re choosing. The retractable covers are the hardest to install compared to the foldable and rolling ones. The folding tonneau covers require much manual deliberation to open or close. The rolling one is the easiest among them all to open and close.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t use the cover daily, it really doesn’t matter which cover you’re choosing. But if you’re someone who will use it daily. Then it’s important to go for the easily installable one.


Climate plays a huge role in choosing the tonneau covers. If you live in extreme weather zones like the high heat of Arizona, high rain of New York, then it’s better to go for the covers with high durability.

Aluminum covers are a perfect choice if you’re someone living in a dry area. Vinyl and fiberglass covers are great options for wet weather. It completely depends on the area you live in.


I am stating this separately because lot of people don’t realize that every model of Tacoma can have different sizes. In this article almost all of the covers are compatible with 2016 to 2021 Toyota Tacoma.

You need to be careful about that. Because a Tacoma model of 2017 might not go with 2018 Toyota Tacoma. So, if you have a 2019 Toyota Tacoma, make sure that your one is compatible with your car. And this thing is carefully mentioned in the product reviews.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover Installation

Here is a step by step guide for installing the bed cover on your Toyota Tacoma

  1. First, you need to position the side rail in a way to attach the weatherstrip properly. This is important for water and weather resistance.
  2. The top of the rail flush should be adjusted with the top box and keep the position attached with a spring clamp.
  3. The front clamp of the bed should be tightened with a wrench.
  4. The rail flush and the top box should be wrenched after. It’s important to ensure that the cover is a level fit. If not, the top box should be adjusted.
  5. After securing the rail level, the mid-way clamp should be wrenched.
  6. Lastly, the rail height should be made flush at the tailgate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we tried to be as comprehensive as possible with our review, there is still stuff that you might feel need answers. In this part, we will try to cover those as well.

Can I carry the cover myself?

Yes, you can. And depending on the model, fairly easily. You do not need to have any prior expertise in handling them.

Does it take long to install the tonneau cover?

Depending on the type of tonneau cover, the time variation ranges. If you go for the foldable or the rolling one, it won’t take you more than a few minutes. However, if you opt for the retractable one, it will take you up to 30 minutes. But that’s about as long as it takes to install a tonneau cover.

Are tonneau covers worth the Investment?

Yes, they are. If you own a truck, you will see how great it works to weatherproof your cargo and ensure that everything on your back carriage is safe and secure. Tonneau covers are built to last several years, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Are our tonneau covers waterproof?

Yes, they are. Most tonneau covers come with some form of water resistance.

Are Tonneau Covers Expensive?

This depends on the type of tonneau cover you’re choosing. Generally, tonneau covers range from 150 dollars to 550 dollars. However, there are both cheaper and more expensive options available.


There you have it folks, our comprehensive take on the best tonneau cover for the 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma. We tried to dive into the details and bring forth the best cover for you.

You can also check out the buying guide as well as the installation guide to get a better understanding of how they work and what makes a great tonneau cover. We hope that this article will provide you with all the insight you’ll need.


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