What Tonneau Cover Fit On 2014 Ram with Rambox

When your truck looks good, you look good. If your trucks don’t have any tonneau cover, then compare the outlook with those who have. But it’s not just about the look; it also works like a protector.

Imagine it’s raining, and you were driving your favorite ram truck in 2014. But oh no! You don’t have any tonneau cover (also known as truck bed cover). Now your entire trunk is filled with water.

Let’s make it worse.

Even if you have a tonneau cover, that doesn’t mean you are safe from your children’s destructible behaviors’. They can tear up the cover by using a knife or ruin it by playing with it. So, you cannot go and just buy any random truck bed cover on your own. You need some guidelines. 

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s start with the basics.

Types of truck bed Covers

Here we describe the various types of tonneau covers in the market-

  • Roll-up covers: This kind of cover doesn’t take much time and effort to fold or put back on your truck. Be careful not to use those covers which has rubber seals. Make sure that your roll-up covers are fabric sealed. Cause it will last as long as your cover exists.
  • Toolbox covers: Toolbox covers can become very handy, especially if you are a mechanic or you need extra space for your tools. It has good security, so no fear of getting stolen. All you need to do is make sure it is locked properly.
  • Hard folding covers: Now, suppose you need to protect your valuables in the trunk from wild weather, and you don’t know what to do; you can always go for our better quality hard folding cover. It has a good security system and also a guardian for your materials.
  • Retractable covers: This is made of 100% aluminum and double wall flat, and it’s going to support up to 550 pounds evenly distributed. But the disadvantage will be it will eat your cargo space, so if you have any toolbox or anything, you might have to reconsider before buying this. 
  • Hinged covers: People are fond of beauty and stylish materials. If you want your car to be stylish, you can go for a hinged cover. Yes, they are expensive, but it is made of fiberglass, which makes them worth every penny which gives you maximum security.  You can always paint it in accordance with your truck’s color to make it look more awesome.

These are the main or, should I say, most used covers among the masses. You can find high-quality covers among these types. Now let’s discuss the usage of covers in contrast to the benefits.

Benefits of having truck bed cover:

  1. The fundamental benefit will be that you can load the trunk as much as you can without being the fear of losing anything.
  2. It saves more than 10-15% gas mileage.
  3. You can load your truck with a bike or canoes or chairs and use a truck bed cover as a safeguard.
  4. It protects the materials inside the trunk from weather and all kinds of damage.

Now, if you see the title of the article, I also mentioned the toolbox. In case you don’t know about it let me give you some basic ideas. You can skip this section (Rambox) if you like.

Our main focus is on Ram 2014, but you will notice that some Ram cars have the brand name “Dodge” or Dodge ram. Is there any difference, you might think? (Note: you can skip this section if you want to).

Ram vs. Dodge Ram

Well, there is a difference. Ram and dodge are under the same umbrella, but they are working separately. Ram Company (since the model year 2010) focuses on trucks while Dodge Ram focuses on cars and minivans.

So, your truck belongs to Ram even if your brand name says “Dodge.” You can still call it “Ram Truck.”

But why did they split up? The answer is pretty obvious to me. The company wanted to focus on different areas separately and come up with a new and innovative idea.

Is Ram a Dodge? | Why Dodge and Ram Split | Ram Truck Info

What Tonneau Cover Will Fit on Ram?

Now let’s move on to our next section, where I will try to remove some confusion regarding covers.

Regarding what cover will fit on Ram 2014. The fundamental question comes to our head that will any cover fit? Will cover for Ram 2014 fit Ram 2019?

The answer is yes. You can. But some (not all) can vary on sizes, so it’s better to try it out first. 

Now the next question comes can a person use a truck bed cover from ram 3rd generation to fit in the ram of 4th generation? Now there are a lot of different answers like two different companies will give two different explanations. My personal answer will be No.

My advice is to go and speak with the seller or call the shop where you bought this cover from and check it out yourself.

Now, some people use Ram’s tonneau cover on Tundra cars to save money.  Due to different sizes and lengths, it will not fit. But you will be lucky if it matches.

Some even try to do the opposite. They use Tundra car’s cover to fit on a dodge ram 1500. The result will be the same. Measurement matters. Just see the size, and you will realize on your own. But the answer will be no, and it won’t fit.

So, you can see length and width matter. Thus, you cannot use any kind of tonneau cover for your Ram truck.

But wait, how can one install a tonneau cover? Is it hard? Can someone do it on their own? Or do they need an expert’s help and pay extra charges? 

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on Ram 2014?

The problem is you are going to be confused if you read 2-3 articles regarding how to install it. So, I have done the research for you! I have tried to look through some articles for you and tried to make it as simple as possible I can. It will take just 1 minute to fit in your Ram truck.

  1. First, install a tailgate seal that comes with our tonneau cover. When you close your tailgate, you need to use the seal there, which will prevent dust and water that piles up on the back of your truck from coming inside your bed.
  2. Then take your tonneau cover and set it up on the tailgate.
  3. Set it up on the back of the truck and get it up there in the front and lift it up a little bit and seal it up on the top of the bulkhead rail.
  4. Then you will see the clips. Just unhook them.
  5. Now the final step is just unfolding them.

If you want to close it, then just fold it back/reverse.


I will suggest you take a hard-folding cover. And I have already given the reason above.

Gator FX3 Hard Folding


  • Automatically gets closed without even opening the tailgate.
  • It can support up to 300 pounds (evenly distributed)


  • Expensive
  • 1<x<2 years of warranty (simply speaking less than two years)

Another one would be a roll-up tonneau cover.

Bak Industries R15310 RollBak


  • Not that expensive
  • Water-resistant
  • 100% pure aluminum


  • Not as sturdy as tri-fold
  • Not secured


Just follow the guide. I have made sure that you will have no confusions further regarding which will fit and which will not. So, do not forget to follow this website for more and share it with your friends and others who are in confusion regarding the fitting of their covers.

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