Best Coating for Wood Truck Bed: Ultimate Protection Against Wear

Stained wood beds multiply the beauty of your truck bed. But at the same time, they are at risk of being exposed to numerous threats including extreme weather, dirt, debris, chipping, and so on!

A protective coating will keep your truck bed from wearing faster. And you will get a surface to abuse as much as you can. But if the coating isn’t right, it will be nothing but a wastage of money.

We will guide you through our top picks to help you choose the best coating for wood truck bed. Check and decide on yourself.

How to Install a Wood Bed in a Truck?

Follow these simple steps to install a wooden bed in your pickup.

  • Measure your truck bed size and make a sketch of cutouts.
  • Cut wooden boards according to the sketch, and mark them with numbers to place properly.
  • Take the edge boards first, and place them in their designated spots.
  • Work from the edges to the center. Use pry bars or hammers to keep the boards as close as possible to adjacent boards.
  • Drill holes for bolting. Use sturdy bolts to fasten the boards with the truck bed.
  • Sand the board, and apply a sealer for wood truck bed.

Reviews of the Best Coating for Wood Truck Bed

Here are the stars of today’s show. Let us put the spotlight on one after another while you discover what they have to offer.

Custom Shop does justice to its name by offering a protective bed liner kit that you can customize to your choice. This protective finish is easy to use on the wooden truck bed, and saves the wooden surface from chipping.

As the Urethane coating isn’t pre-mixed, the set contains the bed liner, hardener, and a spray gun to apply the coating. You just need to mix 1 part hardener to 3 parts bed liner. Shake the can well and the coating is ready to use.

It protects your truck bed from impacts. Just 1 gallon of protective coating will be good enough to cover a 6 ft. truck bed. The coating has a textured finish that gives your truck bed a rustic look.

You can even use the coating on other parts of your vehicle like bumpers or chassis.

Krylon is probably the most popular finish for truck bed wood. It doesn’t need that much mixing and preparing because it comes pre-mixed in a spray bottle. We mean, just buy and spray.

Beginners will find applying the finish extremely easy. This thin coating will create a protective layer on your wood truck bed, and seal the surface to make the wood last for years.

Truck beds get impacted by a lot of sharp or pointy-edged cargo. But this coating will keep the wooden bed intact in the case of lighter impacts. Our only complaint is, this coating comes in a very small volume. Each can contains just 16.5 Oz, you might need to buy several cans to cover your truck bed even if it’s short.

No matter how extreme weather your wood pickup beds are exposed to, Durabak is an excellent sealer for wood truck bed to keep them from deteriorating. You can apply this beginner-friendly bed liner with the provided paint roller easily.

The sealer comes ready to use out of the box, so you don’t need to mix anything. It has many different color options to match your truck bed and give it a textured, slip-resistant finish.

Durabak Urethane coating will also protect the truck bed from abrasion and corrosion. This bed liner is completely waterproof, so your truck beds will be safer than ever.

System X ceramic spray coating can be the protector of trucks with wooden beds due to its durable and glossy character. It instantly seals the truck bed to repel water, and keep the bed in a good shape for a longer period.

This spray coating is thinner than other bed liners as we have talked about, it will resist light impacts. But you will get better protection against UV rays, dirt, or debris.

Not only the truck bed, but you can also use this ceramic spray on your truck exterior to get a shiny finish. Applying the coating is a breeze, thanks to the convenient packaging. No cumbersome preparation is required.

Raptor Urethane coating is very popular for wooden truck beds due to its ultra-durability and ease of application. This mostly resembles the Custom Coat we have mentioned earlier.

You get a combo of liner base, hardener, and spray gun in this kit. This is a double layer Urethane coating that is soft to the touches and flexible to withstand light to medium impacts.

Applying the coating is also easy. Just mix the base and the hardener in a ratio of 3:1, and use the spray gun for wooden tonneau coating. It protects your truck bed against corrosion, salty water, or damp weather.

The bed liner easily adheres to any wooden truck bed to be abrasion-resistant.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Coating tor Wood Truck Bed

Coating wooden truck beds isn’t a mod that everyone does. You need to check these factors to ensure you are doing it right with the most suitable material. Take a look at it here.

Desired Texture

Truck bed coatings usually come in two textures. One has a rubberized, rough texture. The other comes with a glossy texture. It depends on the preference of the owner.

Glossy coatings will add to the aesthetic of the truck bed. Rough coatings will be more slip-resistant.

Cargo Type

If you are continuously hauling cargo that needs to be stationary on the truck bed, a textured surface will give better safety. But if you need to slide large and heavy cargo to the truck bed, glossy bed coating will be the best option.

Age of the Truck Bed

Why is it relevant here? Old wood beds are often rusted or worn. Most spray-on coatings we have talked about here won’t be enough to cover those beds. You might need to apply drop-in bed liners that will cover the whole bed to give it a level surface.

But if you have a new truck or a new wooden bed installed in your truck, these spray-on coatings will be just fine.

Protection Level

Some wood bed coatings are pretty thin. Once applied and cured, they will protect the wood bed from light scratches or so. You can’t expect maximum protection from these sprays.

But Urethane coating will be thick enough to protect the bed from light to medium impacts. As a result, your truck bed will look new even after months.


Have a quick look at the answers to a few commonly asked questions about paint for truck beds.

Can I use any bed liner on a wooden truck bed?

No, it depends on the characteristics of the bed liner you are using. Some apply to only metal surfaces, while some others go with versatile surfaces such as wood.

What kind of wood is used for truck beds?

Wood beds are mostly installed for heavy hauling. To withstand the loads and be durable, Oak is the best choice for making truck beds.

What is more durable between a spray-on and roll-on bed liner?

Roll-on bed liners are a more affordable option, but you need to compromise durability there. Spray-on liners are better as a permanent solution.

Spray gun or paint roller, which is better to apply coating?

If you are a beginner, paint rollers will be easy to use. But spray guns leave an even, professional finish that everyone desires.

Do I need to coat truck beds frequently?

Depending on the quality of the coating, you can relax for a few years before renewing the coating.

Final Thoughts

It’s a long process from choosing the best coating for wood truck bed to prepare the bed for getting the desired finish. But the hard work is worth it when your truck bed resists all threats and stays as it is for years.

A bit of your time and effort can turn your wooden pickup bed into a durable surface that you can throw all your loads onto.


Best Bed Liner Paint For Jeep And Truck Beds

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