Gator EFX vs FX

Gator EFX vs FX: What You Should Know before Deciding?

You have a truck, and you want to add extra storage or cover the truck bed, but you aren’t sure what material will work best. Thus, why not consider using the Gator EFX/ FX truck bed cover?

While both products provide access to the entire truck bed and can be folded away from the cab, there are some critical differences between Gator EFX vs FX that consumers should know about before making their decision.

We’ll compare the two top truck bed covers to determine which product will work best for your needs. Let’s see how they differ!

The Difference between Gator EFX vs FX

While both Gator EFX and FX are great products, there are some critical differences between the two for consumers to be aware of. Some of them are detailed below.


Gator EFX and FX both are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, but Gator EFX has a black powder-coat finish while FX has extra UV resistant with a black coat finish.


Gator EFX is much more accessible since it has storage straps that can be used to bring the cover down. The Gator FX has prop rods, so the user has to lift the rods up, which is much more difficult.

Hinges and Latches

Both Gator EFX and FX have EPDM rubber hinges, but the Gator FX has a latch that is slam automatic while the EFX only automatic latches.

Weight Capacity

Gator EFX is only capable of holding up to 300 pounds evenly distributed, whereas FX can also hold up to 300 pounds. But the Gator EFX is capable of 100% bed access, whereas the FX does not.


While both products take about an hour to install, the Gator EFX was much easier to do by hand than the FX requiring a wrench for installation.

Gator EFX vs FX

Which is Better, Gator EFX or FX?

Gator EFX and FX both provide access to the entire truck bed and can be folded away from the cab.

The Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover is a great product that provides a sleek and stylish design with easy access. It has a durable powder-coat finish, storage straps to keep the cover down, and it’s easy to install by hand without any tools.

The Gator FX tonneau cover is also great if you need bed install in 30 minutes or less since it does not require installation with straps. Additionally, the slam latch is automatic when closing and opening the cover.

Whether you prefer the EFX or FX, both products are durable, lightweight, and made from the best aircraft-grade aluminum available on the market. Furthermore, both covers are built to last and will protect your truck bed from weathering.


While many truck owners are looking for a solution to cover their truck beds, others are looking for a stylish upgrade to give their truck a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Both of these products will provide you with added style and excellent function while making sure that all of your cargo stays safe in place. Don’t hesitate to take either one of these lightweight aluminum covers a chance. Hope you like the article about Gator EFX vs FX. Stay tuned for more updates.

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