Gator FX vs Bakflip MX4

How the Great Gator FX vs Bakflip MX4 Debate

You’re looking for a tonneau cover that will protect your truck bed from all types of weather, but you’re not sure which one to choose.

The Gator FX and Bakflip MX4 are two popular choices for truck bed covers. But there are some hidden differences between the two models that may influence your decision. But how do you know the matter with Gator FX vs. Bakflip MX4?

Let’s take a look at these differences so you can make an informed choice about what is best for you!

A Comparison of Bakflip MX4 vs. Gator FX

In truck bed covers, the Bakflip MX4 vs. Gator FX is one of the most popular choices. But some hidden differences may influence your decision:

The Cover Ingredient

The Gator FX truck cover is made from aluminum panels, while the Bakflip MX4 is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum sandwich panels.

For this reason, the Gator FX offers you higher durability, as aluminum is a sturdier material than an aluminum sandwich. The Bakflip MX4 also offers excellent engineering and high performance with an aircraft-grade aluminum body.

The Locking Mechanism

Another difference between these two tonneau covers is in their clamps. The Gator FX features an inside-mount design, which means that the aluminum panels fit flush with no edge gap when it is in use.

On the other hand, the Bakflip MX4 features adjustable clamps for universal compatibility, and it is even able to be installed on trucks that already have an existing bed cover.

Gator FX vs Bakflip MX4

Protection and Security

Both the Gator FX and Bakflip MX4 cover boast durable, high-quality materials that protect your truck bed from rain, snow, dirt, and other harmful elements.

The Gator FX offers a lockable aluminum panel system as well as an additional lock to keep your items safe from thieves. While the Bakflip MX4 fits securely with no edge gap, it does not offer additional lock options.

Ease of Use

The Gator FX is designed to fold down completely against the rear window, allowing complete bed access when needed. It has an aluminum panel system that locks into place as you close the cover.

On the other hand, the Bakflip MX4 is perfect for those who need a tonneau cover that does not interfere with cargo while being transported. This hard folding model is easy to open and close.

Which One Is Right for You?

As you can see, there are a number of factors that set these two tonneau covers apart. In the end, your choice will depend on what you need from a truck bed cover. They both feature a patented locking system to provide security and prevent theft. But if you’re looking for a tonneau cover that is highly durable and easy to use, then the Gator FX is perfect for you.

However, if finding the perfect look for your truck is essential to you, then the Bakflip MX4 is worth considering. Plus, it offers chrome accents to give your truck an extra touch of style.

As these two tonneau covers are very similar in terms of their features and price tag, it’s best to consider which one will offer you a better fit for your truck.

Gator FX

Bakflip MX4


While both of these tonneau covers offer excellent protection against all types of weather, the Gator FX offers better durability and protection. It has an inside-mount design that allows the aluminum panels to fit flush, keeping your cargo safe from sliding or shifting. The Bakflip MX4 also features a patented locking system for security and prevents theft, but it does have a low-profile design with adjustable clamps. Hope this helps you make an informed decision. Good luck!

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