Gator FX Vs FX3

Gator FX Vs FX3: Differences with Brief Explanation

Would you like to protect your pickup truck bed from snow, ice, sun glare, and harmful UV rays? Of course, you do. Therefore, gator truck bed covers are playing a valuable role in providing protection for truck beds.

Gator FX and FX3 are two of the most popular models in the Gator series. People often ask what the difference between them is and which one they should buy. This article will help you understand the difference between them and make your decision easier.

Difference of Gator FX Vs FX3

In order to find out which features differentiate Gator FX and FX3, we must look at their key features. Below is some information about their key features:


The Gator FX specializes in the production of aluminum covers. The main purpose of this is to make sure that the material is strong, secure, and corrosion-resistant. In the Gator FX3, polymer top panels are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced polymer, while aluminum sub-panels are made of aluminum.

Cover Design and Weight Capacity

The black powder coat finishes in Gator FX is scratch and UV-resistant, ensuring that your cover will look great for years to come. This cover can bear up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight and can be opened 2/3s of the way for driving.

Gator FX3 comes with extra protection; aluminum subpanels provide a rigid structure to avoid sagging or warping. Its heat-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polymer resists scratches and dents while remaining UV-resistant. It also holds 300lbs and secures the cover at 2/3 open.

Gator FX Vs FX3

Installation and Working Mechanism

The FX is also easy to install, with no drilling required on most vehicles. EPDM seals and hinges provide superior water resistance. The prop rods and buckled straps keep the cover in place as you drive. When closed, the slam latches automatically lock it into place.

The Gator FX3 seal is a truck bed cover that has also been designed to provide long-lasting weather EPDM rubber sealing and great protection. It also can be installed with no drill and will lock into place when it is closed. It automatically locks when the slam latches are closed, making it quick and easy to use.

What Is the Best Option for You?

As you can see, the FX and FX3 both provide good features. The differences are not significant enough to make you choose one over the other. It all comes down to each person’s own personal preferences.

If you like extra features, then you should go for the Gator FX3 since it is clearly more advanced than its predecessor. The corrosion-resistant material and high resistance to scratching and dents make Gator FX3 a great choice for truck owners who prefer fiberglass over aluminum.

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As you can see, there are many similarities between the Gator FX and FX3. The main difference is that the Gator FX is made of aluminum, while the Gator FX3 has fiberglass-reinforced polymer top panels and aluminum subpanels. If you are looking for a cover that will last forever, it would be best to go with the Gator FX3. Hope you have found this article helpful!

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